Guilty Until Proven Innocent With Bellaink

96 photos; 9:47 video

Bella was trying to make a name for herself as A Private Investigator who was willing to go to any length to bring down her opponent! Except she clearly wasn't as experienced as she thought she was. I knew someone was watching me and I was determined to catch that person in the act. Bella brings her camera and begins snapping snapshots of all kinds of incriminating evidence. I am not going to go lightly on this bitch. I confront her and she's shocked that I caught her. Then this so called tough PI begins to backtrack claiming she wasn't snooping on me at all. Its not what it seems. Ya Right!  Of course she can't talk herself out of being in my house. After all She was in my house and had no business being there whatsoever! I hold her down on the couch and demand that she tells me who sent her...When the camera fades back in the bitch is tied brutally to my kitchen counter. Her ankles are tied and her elbows are slammed together along with her wrists. She still refuses to tell me who put her up to being a snitch! I grab the camera and look at the photos she was taking. This only infuriates me more when I see she's gone and stuck her nose in my personal business! You know what that means! Go harder on the pretty bitch! She begs for mercy but mercy is only shown where mercy is given! I stuff a huge sponge in her mouth packing it tight. Bella continues to beg and cry into her large gag. She has a lot of energy but not enough to get her out of these tight bindings. I pull her tits out and slap them hard. I breast tie her and roll her back on her flat stomach. I hair tie her arching her pretty blonde head all the way to her feet and she cries out in agony. I leave her neck tied to a huge stone in my kitchen and go and make some phone calls. Real Bad Bitches Don't Get Caught!

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