Hey!! Your Not the Realty Broker!

16 photos; 10:18 video

I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for a home that was absolutely stunning. I was just in the market to move, and the price was unbeatable. I immediately call the number in the ad and talk to a man who seemed a little to eager to have me come out as soon as possible. He told me he may be a few minutes late, but just to let myself in. No matter what he wouldn't miss meeting me for the world! I was a bit taken back by his eagerness, but chalked it up to just wanting to sell his place. I talk to my friend on the phone telling her how creepy it is just sitting in someone's lived in home. I would have thought the man would have cleared his things out from the way he was talking about wanting to have someone move in asap. Yet, the house looked lived in and there were no signs of him moving! Odd, but what do I know. Maybe he was hiring a mover to handle this for him. He was probably just saving money until the right homeowner came along. He told me he was well known by all the local Realty companies and he ran his own. However, I wake up in total terror. When I am awakened I have no clue how I was put out. I am taped to a board and in extreme pain. I shriek out in terror as the man stuffs a large rag into my mouth and then wraps several large pieces of duct tape around my mouth tightly. I struggle hard to get out of this crazy mans grasp, but he plasters me to the hard board with tons of Real- Heavy Duty Duct Tape! He wraps several layers around me, and I can barely breathe! I struggle for every gasp as more and more pieces of tape bind me to the board. The man comes back with a riding crop and beats my feet and my ass. That's not all. He has several other BDSM paddles with him which he doesn't hesitate to use on me! He beats my feet and cracks my toes making my soles all red! When I think it can't get any worse it does! He lifts the board I am on up, and swings it around like a crazy person! I am terrified he is going to drop me on my face. Finally the terror ends just long enough for me to realize this is not the Realty Broker!

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