Leggy Coed's Harrowing Experience wit Kat!

65 photos; 12:16 video

Kat is a Briella Binds Girl! I have worked her up from her first bondage scene into gradually harder situations. Still, she is brand new to bondage this being only her third bondage shoot ever, all with me. Kat wasn't sure she could even do bondage to begin with! She's so innocent, and I love corrupting this barely legal bitch! She's turning into a kinky coed. In this clip she is a snoop! We hate snoops and she's going to get worked over real well! I beat her at her own game, and she doesn't like that! She whines and cries and I honestly can care less what comes out of her stupid trap! I pull her hands up above her head, and behind her neck smashing them together, and jerking her head forward. I tie each of her legs up off the ground, and to the sides of the chair. I add a rope around her knees just because I feel like it. I breast tie her next. I can't wait to grab my duct tape and waste no time before I completely submerge her in tape. Her hair is annoying me and keeps falling in her face, so I tape her head brutally tight with several layers. She moans and protests but that's okay. I like them frisky! I add several layers of tape up and down her body plastering her tightly to the chair! She hates her life right now! I tape gag her mouth to her elbows as I wrap several layers of tape around her mouth too. I leave her to struggle for awhile, before I come back with vet wrap. I blindfold her, and then apply layers of vet wrap around her head. She screams and struggles, but this leggy coed is going nowhere until I am ready to let her! She looks so good struggling it might be awhile! Clip Includes: On Screen tying, damsel in distress, 19 years old, hair tie, chair tie, struggling, blindfold, tape gag,tape bondage, bdsm, chair tie, vet wrap, rope bondage Also available in Higher WMV in Bondage Category If you would like to book Kat for a custom please email briellajaden@rocketmail.com (Clip is 12:06 duration)

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