Desperate To Pee,made to Orgasm, and Stuck in a Straitjacket!

205 photos; 15:03 video

I have been getting a lot of customs lately. My newest customer bought me two hot as hell straitjackets! I am so excited to put one on for my Master. I know he will love it. I am original and sick of the same old thing. Out with the OLD and in with the NEW! My newest fetish is straitjackets! There's just something about them that makes my heart start beating faster as soon as I put it on. I get so wet once it's on me and strapped. This new leather straitjacket is hard to put on. I beg my master to please fasten me in it. It's a lace up straitjacket, plus it has straps. I get completely naked under it. I love the feel of the leather on my skin. I am so content struggling sexily in my straitjacket. I am completely helpless with my arms tightly bound in the jacket. Aren't I such a good submissive I moan. I talk about how turned on I am in this straitjacket, and how it feels to have no control. I am so vulnerable. This just turns me on more. The crotch straps of the jacket keep riding up into my pussy as I struggle. This makes me realize that I have to pee badly! Oh no! I beg him to let me out so I can pee! He ignores my pleas. This is true submissiveness! I have no control over anything, and am XXXX to endure the agonizing ache to release myself. I am totally submissive to you master I hear myself say, although I really have to pee. I realize begging isn't going to get me anywhere. Instead he puts a stainless steel bowl beneath me. He straps my legs tightly into a frog-tie position. Now I am utterly defenseless. The ache to pee is getting worse by the second. I struggle futilely in my straitjacket realizing there is no release. Still I love every second of this entrapment. The urge to pee is increasing 10-fold as I struggle against my tight confines. My master isn't being easy on me tonight! Instead he brings the Hitachi in and turns it on high! I am sure I am going to wet myself. I really don't want too! This is so embarrassing! The Hitachi configured to my jacket is only adding pressure to my bladder, and yet I can't help but to get lost in it's heavenly vibrations. I want to cum so bad! Soon the orgasms are flying out of me. This makes me only have to pee more! The Hitachi is removed after I cum so hard. Somehow I manage to struggle out of my leg straps. But there is no way I am going to get out of the straitjacket in time. I have to pee right in the silver bowl. I carefully unload my bladder into the dish. Ahhh! Relief! Briella Binds Productions: Often imitated but never duplicated!

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