Crazy cat burglar captured

290 photos; 16:43 video

I heard about this new guy who moved in down the street. He was supposed to be rich and lived in a beautiful home. Everybody knew he had to have an alarm system. Nobody would dare attempt to carry out something sinister there, but low and behold I live for an adventure. And the payout was just to big to pass up. So what did I do? You guessed it! I waited for the right time, and then made my move. I let myself in, on a dark and quiet evening. The house was sealed pretty tightly, but the pool door was open. I opened that door, and carefully sneaked past the windows. I let myself in the house through the patio sliding glass door. There I was home-free. I didn't notice anything right away. However, there was a whole bunch of handcuffs lying on the table...Weird! But hey, I am a cat burglar after all myself! I look around the estate, and then see a closet door. I begin to shuffle inside it when I spot the jackpot! Suddenly, I hear some scuffling behind me. Before I can make a move to run and hide I am put into a choke hold and I was out. I don't remember anything other then when I woke up there was some strange man kicking at me. Uh-oh! Not him again! Anthony Peters comes out of the room and I can't believe he just dragged me down his long hallway and now had me in handcuffs! He cuffed my elbows so tightly together I could barely feel them. I was losing sensation fast, and it hurt! You would think it would be the opposite...But it's not. I was in pain. My elbows were cuffed too. My ankles had cuffs around them too, thank God for my boots. Nonetheless the metal was cutting into my delicate skin. I am a fighter so of course I struggled, and with every move the cuffs seemed to get tighter and hurt worse! Next he made a tape gag for me and was making me drool everywhere. I am talking about nasty and huge globs of saliva coming out of my mouth and running down my face... Gross! He smacks my ass hard. Boy does that man hit hard! I will never forget those ass smacks as long as I live! Then he brings chains in and uses them to chain my neck to my knees. I am arched in a very odd position. I didn't even know my body bent like that! I butt scoot around the house trying to find a way out of the sadistic goons house! What a sadistic jerk! He seemed to like causing me this much pain! I can't believe that he has a metal nose hook too. He comes back and stuffs this in my nose making me look like a pig. The nose hook is insane. He removes my mask, and tightens the nose hook as hard as he can. Just for extra measure...and extra pain he adds more tape around my forehead to tighten the nose hook. I really look like a pig and its painful! I am talking about really painful here! I attempt to crawl away, but once again don't get far before he comes back. He takes my only form of protection... My boots! He cuffs the soles of my feet with a brutal pair of cuffs next. He chains my elbows now instead of cuffing them... Why? You guessed it because its tighter! I can't believe how much drool is escaping my mouth, and I end up lying right in the big globs of drool. He leaves me hog-cuffed and in pain on the ground to do only God knows what... I don't know how I am going to get my scheming self out of this one!

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