Aint letting ya go till your mama comes to get ya!

279 photos; 13:18 video

I wasn't supposed to be doing shoots! In fact, my mother forbade me from doing so while I lived under her roof. I really needed the money, so I decided to lie and go anyways. There was a posting on C's list and I just couldn't resist going to it. Well the bikini shoot was supposed to pay $100.00 per hour. When I arrive in my sexy black bikini and heels, the photographer has other things in mind. He wants to tie me up! I let him tie me up, until it starts to hurt! Then I demand to be cut loose! However, he doesn't let me go. This guy is a real douchebag! It's clear this man is deranged, and won't let me go. He is making me very uncomfortable. He sticks a large black hot bonds ball gag into my mouth. Then he ties my arms up behind me. I am seated on some type of saddle seat. He smacks my ass unbelievably hard! What the hell is going on!?! He straps my elbows with another hot bonds item and then smashes my elbows together. Owww! I begin to sass him through my gag. I have drool flying everywhere as I yell at this asshole and demand to be let go! Instead of letting me out he pulls my tits out and manhandles my body brutally. He smacks my poor tits hard, and flicks my nipples. I see stars because my breasts are very sensitive! He puts a wooden pole behind my back to help keep me in line. I am drooling boatloads as all of this is happening. I am scared because nobody knows where I am, and I lied about where I was going! OMG! What is going to happen to me?! He comes back in and I soon realize what the wooden pole is for. He is going to use it to hang my arms above me! I struggle in pain, and yell screaming profanities at this jerkoff! He isn't done either! He ties my feet and tells me that I'm not going anywhere till my mama comes to get me! He keeps slapping my poor tits! He binds my feet tight, and lifts them several feet off the ground. I am arched in every which way! Boy, does this suck! I am in such a strenuous position as my legs are suspended uncomfortably! He then adds a breast harness. To make this a much more sadistic tie he ties a rope from my neck to my knees pushing my head down. I am bent all the way forward! I hate this. He keeps adding more and more ropes... when I think things are bad they get worse!

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