I thought you were my friend! With Stephanie Mars

553 photos; 13:20 video

I am tired of Stephanie Mars bossing me around! She was promoted, and now she thinks she rules the world. Well, we were friends until she made the mistake to boss me around! Now it's payback time. I am sick of her snug attitude, and the condescending things she constantly pops out of her mouth. I am about to teach her a few things about topping from the bottom.... It doesn't work! I am the one in control, and she needs to learn that.... Beginning now! I push her on the couch and straddle her not giving her the opportunity to fight me off. Before she can get me off of her in a struggle match I put her into a choke hold, and soon she is k'o. Funny thing... She isn't so tough like that... Is she? Her body is limp, and she is so pathetic! When she wakes up it will be too late for her... She will already be tied up good and tight. How do ya like me now you stupid milf bitch? Once I get her bound I wake the bitch up rudely. I take her shoes off and abuse her feet. She is not happy. "I thought you were my friend" she moans when she figures out she is in a bad place... A very bad place for poor Miss. Stephanie Mars... I bind her knees and her thighs. I can't take the chance of this bitch getting away. Miss Mars is now a little fucked! I just love how limp, and helpless she is. Now she can't escape period. I roll her on her belly as I add more and more brutally mean ropes. Time to go back to XXXX bitch! I go about tying her tighter and tighter. When I wake her up again, she is frantic and confused and she struggles. Now she is in a brutal hog-tie courtesy the new big boss in town. I gag her tightly with a black ballgag. She can Mmmph! into that. I can care less about anything that comes out of her mouth. Her mouth is shut and that's all that matters! I am in charge. She is so helpless and such a good mature damsel! I decide to take a big chunk of her hair and nastily pull her neck backwards into an evil hair tie. She is arched back, and her eyes go wide in horror as the pain registers into her brain! haha! I love the deer caught in the headlights look! Then before I go I tape several layers of duct tape over her gag. Got to make sure the bitch is quiet when I leave. Satisfied with my handy work I leave her there struggling and screaming into her ball gag. Poor Miss Stephanie Mars.. I thought we were friends too... Probably not so much after this huh?

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