Frisky big titty cat burglar

525 photos; 20:50 video

I am XXXX on my couch in the safety of my own home, when I hear a loud noise which stirs me awake. What the hell is going on? I sneak into my kitchen and come face to face with a real-life cat burglar! What? Yes that is exactly right... This ballsy bitch in a shiny red catsuit, and a mask has broken into my home and was attempting to steal my expensive paintings. I am married to a cop, and she is not about to get away with a crime! I decide to tie her up so I can call my husband to come and arrest her! I sneak up behind her, and grab her before she knows I am there. Stupid fuckin' bimbo! Some cat burglar huh? I begin to tie her up. She tells me she was told to do this and it wasn't her idea... I don't believe it. I roughly sit her on the chair and begin to tie her up.. I look her up and down. I realize she is hotter then the average criminal - So why not have a little fun with her? I tell her she can be in really big trouble if she doesn't cooperate with me. I bind her wrists good and tight, and then elbow the slutty bitch. When she hits on me I let her. Why not? I begin to fondle her big tits. I tell her maybe we can strike a deal and have a little fun. If she agrees she will be mine to do with whatever I please. Well- Not having much choice she agrees. I put on a O-Ring head harness on her from Hot Bonds. She gag talks and mewls into her gag as she struggles. I tell her if she tries to run she won't get very far. My premises are extremely secured and the security guard would be there at my beck and call before she could get out of my yard. I tie her legs tightly next so she definitely can't get away and then take off her boots. She is not going anywhere till I am good and ready to let her...Who knows when that will be right?! Right.. I pull out her big tits next. I tell her there is a new addition to our deal. She has to play with my cop husband too! I know he would love a blonde big titty surprise! She agrees once more to be our bondage tramp. I grab her pussy, and she likes it. She moans and struggles at the same time. She isn't sure if she wants to get away, or stay. I haven't decided what I am going to do with her yet either. She was trying to steal from me! She bends her head down and begins to lick my nipples through her O-Ring gag. I tie her tits up next good and tight. Super tight. She rips my dress off of me with her tied up hands. I decide to torment her with clover nipple clamps next, and then the finale. I grab the hitachi, and put it on high right on her pussy. She writhes against the vibrations, and it's clear she is in an array of pleasure and pain mixed together...I put the hitachi in her belt, and go off to call my husband. We have to decide what to do with this little trampy whore!

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