Busty Bartender Skims from the wrong coworker! Starring Diamond_Dee

392 photos; 13:38 video

Diamond_Dee was introduced to me from a fellow producer. She really needed money bad. I decided to take her under my wing. Besides shooting bondage videos I bartend. I get her a job making extra good money and let her move in with me until she gets on her feet. So of course I grew to trust the bitch! You don't bite the hand that feeds you. However, that's exactly what she did! This girl had the audacity to skim money from me and all the other bartenders. She thought because she had the biggest tits she should get paid the most money. While the guys seemed to really enjoy staring at Diamond's tits we all shared the money in the till at the end of the night! She decided to pocket all of her tips, and take over the bar. She did this all night, and stole money from the girls. She even had the nerve to take an additional half out of the till after keeping all her tips seperate already. It wasn't the busiest night, so this really hurt all of us! Well now it was time for her to hurt for her shady ways! When we get home I roughly push her on the mattress. I am going to tie her up, and then go find her wallet, and take my money back! This skank was not going to steal from me after all I had done to help her out. Of course the slutty tramp denies everything. She claims she didn't make any money, even though eyewitnesses saw her counting her money in the ladies room, and bragging about how much cash she had made. No way! She was a liar! She frantically struggles ruefully. She was going to pay me back one way or another! Money talks. Unfortunately, so did she... A lot. I was soon tired of her constantly running mouth. So after binding her wrists tightly, and smashing her fragile elbows together hard I take my panties off and stuff them in her mouth. Yes I wore those same panties during my whole shift at work. They were sweaty and well-worn. But she deserved it, and the tape which I wrapped harshly, several times around the tramps mouth. This sneaky slut wasn't going to get a home-run with this uncouth move. I tie her ankles next. Her knees aren't spared as I tightly cinch rope after rope on her slender, feminine body. She can't believe this is happening. Her eyes go wide and scared as she screams into my panties stuffed in her mouth. I give her a big, wet kiss over her gagged mouth. All she can do is struggle. My next move is to add a tight crotch rope. Suddenly the show-stopper isn't so big and bad. She struggles relentlessly. She isn't getting out of my ropes till I get my money! I smack her ass hard. I pull the crotch rope tightly into the crevice of her wet pussy. I thought we were girls. Obviously not to her! She had a different idea of what friends were. I take her shoes off knowing her feet are extremely sensitive. I beat her feet with my hands not sparing the rod! She deserved all of this, and after the night we had I was only to happy to oblige. I tickle her and then pull her large titties out of her top. I add an evil hair tie arching her up high! Then to make matters worse I add another chest rope to arch her even further, and connect the rope to her big toes tying them together. Yes I know her feet are sensitive. But she isn't the only one who knows how to be a bitch! Don't write checks with your mouth that your ass can't cash! Lesson learned!

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