Blonde Bombshell finds out what happens to bitches who slack while on the clock

291 photos; 10:38 video

I didn't have time to take care of my pool so I hire a blonde bombshell who claimed she had the skills to make my pool fresh and sparkling. I hire her in a rush, but am pissed when I arrive home and its late at night. To my surprise the pool is not clean. It is dirtier then when I left, and she is splashing around in the water! While she is a very sexy sight to behold this is not what I am paying her for! This big titty bitch has no clue what she is doing! However, she was already paid up front! I know I am firing her, but I am not letting this go. I decide to have a little fun. So I order her to get out of the water and I get started on tying the wench up. I know she didn't work for the past 4 hours she was on the clock! She was going to work now! She cops an attitude, and tries to disobey me. I easily overpower the skanky whore! She is elbowed, and I make sure to smash those fragile elbows together good and tight. I love how bendable she is. I bind her wrists tightly next. Then I string her into a brutal strappado. She isn't liking this... Not even a little bit! But that's just okay with me! I ask her how she feels, and she says like a "slave". "Why don't I just eat your crotch and get it over with!" She asks. I laugh at her. She tries to hit on me thinking her blonde swag will win me over, and she will get out of this. I am not easily swayed. Not even by someone as hot a this blonde bimbo! I instead berate her for being a slutty tramp. I stuff an inflatable gag into her mouth, and tape it in. I pump the gag several times. The poor blonde bitch's mouth is filled up tight! Just the way I like! Finally her big lying mouth is shut... Well besides her sexy wails for help. I was surprisingly turned on by her sexy mewls into her large taped up gag which I blow up bigger and bigger just because I can! I tie her knees tightly together, and this makes it hard for her to stand. She falls against the ropes holding her uncomfortably up. She is pulled side to side as she keeps falling pulling on her strappado, which I know is extremely painful! I take her tits out, and slap her bare breasts and pussy. I add a chest harness on her next, squeezing her large tits hard, and I use the left over rope to tightly bind her pussy into a crotch rope. I yank on it, and I know it pulls on her tight lips! I pull her bikini bottoms down, and slap her pussy more.Then I pick her foot completely off the ground, and she has to hop to stay up. She is now in a one legged strappado. I like the look. She begs me not to do this, but I do it anyways. I love a challenge. I decide to play with her breasts and bite and lick her nipples. She has such a nice body I just can't resist. Besides, I need to get my money's worth

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