Sorority Sister Held Hostage and Hogtied! Starring Lexi Lee

225 photos; 12:16 video

I was hanging out with my sorority sister Lexi Lee when I thought of a good way to some time. Tired of studying we needed something exciting to do to break up the monotony of the boring evening studying. Suddenly, I had an idea. I had some rope lying around our apartment from a project I did earlier in the year. I dared her to let me tie her up. Not one to let a dare get the best of her Lexi eagerly agreed. How was she to know that I knew my way around some ropes pretty well? Or that I hated the bitch and was fucking her boyfriend and planning on leaving her tied up while I went out with him that night. I kept those last sentiments quiet while I tied the slutty tramp up. After all she agreed to let me. Well, she agreed to let me tie her wrists and her ankles up... That was about it...But honestly that was never going to be enough! I wanted more... SO after I get her good and constricted I let her in on some news. I was going to tie a crotch rope up on her. Of course Lexi's reaction was shock and she didn't like the idea. But she let me do it. I mean what other choice did she have anyways? I check her body out and think for the first time that my room-mate is pretty hot. She has a nice rack on her and her tiny bikini top is barely covering her large tits up, and she is wearing tight and tiny jean shorts.. Nice.. I also tell Lexi that the simple ankle and wrist tie was now going to be a full blown hog-tie. She complies only because she has too. She complains the ropes are to tight, and tells me she doesn't like this. I laugh at her, and decide its as good as time as any to let her know the truth. Bitch I am fucking leaving you there in a pile of tight ass ropes to go and XXXX with your man! I tell her first I want to play with her a bit though. Of course by now Lexi is seething mad and flabbergasted. I admire how tight I tied the bitches elbows and then I grab a fistful of her hair and yank it back into a mean hair tie arching her back like the bitch she is. I tickle her toes that I tied during the construction of her hog-tie and slap her tight ass hard. Lexi demands to be let go, but its clear that she will be spending the rest of the night in hog tie hell while I am out being wined and dined by her man! Sorry girl...Why would he want to be with the rest when he can have the best? xoxo Lexi! I gag her with a ballgag and leave out the side door leaving her to her bondage doom...

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