Sexy Milf Secretary Endures a job interview from Hell! Starring Stephanie Mars

328 photos; 19:26 video

I was looking for a new girl at the Briella Binds Office. Stephanie Mars arrives dressed in a very sexy secretarial outfit. She was in a shiny red button down shirt, and sexy black skirt. Of course she knew a prerequisite to get hired at Briella's internal affairs office was to wear pantyhose which she did. We have very high standards for potential job candidates. They must exhibit the willingness to want to do WHATEVER the job requires. My office duties sometimes go outside of the norm. Miss Mars exhibited a desperation for this job, being she had been laid off for many months. I explain to her I want to tie her up. This sets the right candidate for the job apart from the rest. While unsure, and questioning the job obligation she agrees. She doesn't know what lies ahead of the poor lady.She asks if she allows me to tie her up if she will get the job. I tell her we will see how she measures up against the rest. I begin by tying each of her legs tightly to the chair spreading her legs wide open. I tie a rope snugly against her waist. She gasps but let's me continue. She doesn't have much of a choice. She tells me that she heard I place a high price on subordinates following orders. I laugh out loud. If only she knew what she was in store for, and how true that statement was. I tell her it's just the beginning as I pile more and more ropes on her slender body. I add a tight chest harness squeezing her tits. Then I add a crotch rope which I tug on hard and it tightens on her pussy. I grab a roll of my trusty old duct tape and decide to have some fun. I brutally wrap it around her mouth to shut her up. I take her arms and compress them above her head and then elbow her. She screams, and I get the impression she doesn't want this job after all. That's no way to speak to the head of HR! I decide to be even more cruel, and blindfold her with the duct tape too, but I don't stop there. She needs more... Much more... I don't like her attitude. So I wrap the duct tape from her eyes to all the way around her elbows too making the ropes much tighter. I fondle the bitch, and smack her ass, I laugh at her predicament. Not so tough now huh Ms. Mars? I add another rope to her knees tightening them together, then rip the bottoms off her pantyhose and tickle her feet like crazy! The time has lapsed, and finally I think this job interview is over. She struggles and doesn't look happy. Oh well! I guess I will be leaving her there in the tragically uncomfortable tie... It's time for my lunch break!

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