Beware of Naughty Cat Burgular!

217 photos; 11:42 video

A failed mission is never a good start to an evening of crime! Little did I know but this sadistic fool homeowner just so happened to be home and watching me on his video surveillance as I walked up to the door. Before I could stop it from happening he had me lying on his ottoman and I was royally screwed! What to do? Well there wasn't much. This man was much more powerful then I. He started throwing ropes on me tightly from the get-go. Tight evil ropes which dug into my skin. My elbows were tightly cinched first, my wrists were tied, and he even evilly compressed my ankles together! He stuffs a paint roller in my mouth to shut me up. I still mewl into my gag and gag talk him in the midst of trying to free myself... Nothing! I can't get out, and he is getting more and more sadistic by the second! This is really bad! He smacks my ass hard, and yells in my face... I almost get free and maneuver my way off the ottoman...almost! But he stops me before I can get down, and I fail at getting away. He ties my boots to my feet, and then takes the rope and arches my legs forward as he pulls the rope under the ottoman tightening everything. Then he frog ties my legs, and chicken-wings my arms. This is one painful tie! He puts my cat burglar mask back on me as a joke to torment me more! He leaves me there struggling and pondering my next move!

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