New Busty Neighbor is thrown an evil welcoming party! Starring Lexi Lee

343 photos; 18:54 video

I have lived in the same neighborhood for my whole life. It is the type of neighborhood where everybody knows everyone and is respectful. A new busty neighbor moved in. She was disrespectful, and the way she dressed was slutty and unacceptable. The whole town was in an uproar about it so I decided to do something about it. I walked over to Lexi Lee's house, and let myself inside. Since I am married to a police officer he was able to finagle a key to her house with no questions asked. Once again she is dressed like she does everyday. Her top was too tight, and her ass was barely covered up by her thin garments she considered clothes. When I walk into the sluts house without knocking she is surprised and stunned. But immediately asks what I am doing breaking and entering into her home. I tell her I have come on behalf of the town and she needed to stop dressing like a whore. Nobody appreciated it anymore. Lexi has a flippant attitude and says "she can do what she wants she is of legal age." This is the straw the breaks the camels back. I am done. I grab the ropes I brought with me and make her sit down in her own chair. I knew the pretty girl lived alone. I spread her legs and tie each one to the chair leg she is sitting on. I stick a ball gag into her mouth so I don't have to hear her mouth. Working fast I add more ropes until I am satisfied she can't easily get away. Then I relax and have some fun. I add a chest harness and squeeze her tits hard. Then I decide to go one step above this and tie each of her breasts very tightly with the rope. Lexi is miserable and mewls into her gag. I squeeze her breasts tighter and tighter as I enjoy breast bondage. Next, I add an evil crotch rope and pull it harshly against her pussy. She struggles in her chair while I add more ropes. I put another rope above her knees and this squeezes her legs very tightly together. Maybe this will serve to teach the whore a lesson. She needs to be reminded to keep her legs closed. I come back with a choker that has a large ring on it. I use this ring to tie her neck and arch her forward. Then I tie her hair back, and it pulls her the opposite way. I take her shoes off and tickle her bare feet. I slap her titties and ass next. I come back with a Hot Bonds blindfold which I add to her to complete this look. It's a good look for this slutty, scandalous neighborhood hussy.

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