Bitch you aint going nowhere except... maybe to hell!

13:33 video

 Salacious Eos has a major attitude and I was going to have to cut her down to size. I have a knack for knocking bitches down a few pegs if I don't like them. Salacious Eos had an attitude, and I was sick of it. I didn't know who she thought she was, but she definitely wasn't someone who was going to cause me havoc. I thought it would be fun to tie her up just to fuck with her. So that's exactly what I set out to do. I bring her in wrists tied and with a tight chest harness on her already. I tie her ankles once I get the bitch to the ground. As cute as she was I was going to make her have a really bad day.. She tries to be a hero and escape out of my ropes, but that's not going to happen. I grab some vet wrap and wrap several layers tightly around her hands. She can't move her hands anymore and was shocked I had the audacity to do this. Of course I did. I am a super bitch, and proud of it! I add a crotch rope, and yank on it. I like crotch ropes, especially when the person I am tying up doesn't. Nobody knows where she is at. I have some time to play with my prey. I tightly bind her knees. It's a really good look for her. I tickle her feet and smack her ass...hard! She is bitching and complaining so I stuff a large black gag in the sluts mouth. I elbow her next. It's not real bondage if the model isn't elbowed. For some reason I have yet to tie up a model, myself included who likes to have their elbows tied. Once this feat is accomplished I pull her nice, perky titties out and play and prod them. She does eventually shut up, but still mewls and gag talks through her gag. It's okay I find her amusing. I decide to put her into a very tight hog tie. She struggles hard. I have to give it to her she is a very good struggler! However, not good enough to get out! I arch her high into this hog tie and she is quite an unhappy camper. Poor thing! I continue to slap her ass and tickle her and the tramp doesn't know if she should laugh or cry. I love it! I add a very uncomfortable hair tie which arches her even further back. I am loving the look, even though I am sure she is hating life right about now! I'll give her a quarter to call someone who cares as she begs and pleads with her sad eyes to be released!

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