Snooping Cat Burgular is Caught and punished!

8:45 video

I woke up lying on the floor. OMG. What has happened? I don't remember how I ended up on the floor, but I am in my cat suit so I must have been planning to rob this residence and was caught... I have straps around my elbows, and around my ankles. I try to unbuckle myself but fail miserably. I am still disoriented as I try and move around. I struggle and scream for help but nobody comes. Except my captor who is mad that I have been screaming. He sticks a large bit gag in my fragile mouth that makes me drool everywhere. He smacks my ass super hard, and then strips me of my shoes...He connects my gag to my knees by some sort of string and this arches me horribly. I am soo uncomfortable. He puts me into a choke-hold to try and gain some semblance of control and to quiet me down. Then he puts a hot bonds blindfold over my eyes rendering me completely helpless and unable to see. Then he says my elbows aren't tied tight enough for a ruthless cat burglar like me and he wants to teach me a lesson. He binds my elbows even tighter smashing them together. He adds more straps and then tickles me crazily. Next comes the part I hate the most. The back-breaking arched hog-tie. Of course my back really wasn't broken, but it was extremely tight! Then he turns the hitachi on and leaves it under me. I can't help but to moan as the sensations make me crazy. !

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