Captured and Hog-Cuffed by Hunter

63 photos; 11:24 video

Hunter captured me and stuck me into a very small cage. I struggle trying to break free before he comes back for me, but have no luck. My arms are painfully handcuffed through the bars behind me, and my ankles are cuffed too. I am screwed. I make my way from a kneeling to a standing position somehow and just I suspected Hunter comes back to get me. He orders me to stand up, and takes me out of the cage, after cuffing my elbows brutally tight together. I have a large red ball gag in my mouth, and all I can do is plead through my gag for him to free me. He doesn't. When he takes me out of the cage he puts me into a much tighter predicament. He pushes me into a kneeling position and then onto my belly where he attaches more cuffs and before I know it I am in a cruel hog-cuff position. I beg to be released, and pray this ordeal will be over sooner rather then later!

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