Gi's Thievery Leads to her brutal judgement day starring GG Lyn

137 photos; 12:34 video

I am getting so sick of bitches stealing from me! Gi was the last person I was going to let get away with stealing a large sum of money from me. She was supposed to be a friend. I have a local thug grab the bitch and handcuff her to a chair for me. When I get there she is cussing up a storm, and demanding to be let loose! Not a chance! She was about to learn a lesson Briella Style! Her ankles were unmercifully cuffed to the chair legs, and her arms are cuffed behind her as well as her wrists. I can tell she is in pain, and would probably do just about anything I said at that moment. It's just not that simple. Now it's about principle! She needs to know I am the wrong bitch to fuck with. I begin to torment her because she still won't admit who helped her get into my bank account. I pick the chair up, and tip it letting her think she is about to go flying backwards. Then I pull her top down and fondle her tits. I know she doesn't like girls, which makes it all the more fun. I add some mean clover clamps to her tits. I take them on and off her a couple times after they had been on for awhile, because I know how much they hurt coming off. I flick the nipple clamps, and watch her grimace with pain as I continue taunting the bitch! I grab the hitachi next. I put it on high right on her pussy. I stuff a shop rag in the slut's mouth and grab vet wrap and tie her head with it. I am feeling frisky so I add a blindfold on her next with the vet wrap. I smack her several times on her thighs and legs, and watch as she whimpers. Not so tough now huh? I sit on her lap and continue to play with my captive. I decide to go all the way out and add a very constraining black mask over the gag and blindfold. I know this is terrifying her, and I love every second of it. Paybacks a bitch!

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