Fanatical Sales Lady Gets Fucked Up Starring GG Lyn

125 photos; 19:27 video

This fanatical make-up sales person came over to my house looking to sell make-up. I politely declined her services, but she was hellbent on making a sale at any cost. After a few minutes of this bitches constant ranting I had enough! I excused myself to use the bathroom and planned to not come back, hoping she would get the gist, and leave. However, before I walked away completely she told me she was going to ring me up for a sale and charge me. I had enough! I decided to have a little fun with the crazy lady. After all she was kind of sexy. I began to tie her ankles, and her knees as tight as I could muster. It was pretty tight. Still the bitch kept talking about making a sale unfazed that I was tying her up so roughly. I decided to step it up a notch, and elbow her smashing her elbows together. She screams out in agony, and now my night is beginning to look brighter. I tie her wrists next. Her mouth just wouldn't stop about sales through all of this. Finally I grab a large piece of fabric and stuff it into the Milf's mouth to shut her the fuck up! Then I grab some vet wrap and wrap it around her head several times. Finally, the sales lady begins to protest. She isn't happy as more and more ropes bind her tightly. She can't move.I add an extremely tight crotch rope and make sure to give her some extra leverage.I put her into a strenuously constrictive hog tie, and she is in severe pain. She mmmfs through her gag. This time I can't understand what she is saying, and its not so important anyways. I have her right where I want the slut. I arch her up high, and then add a shoulder rope to arch and constrict her even more. She hates her job now. Guess sales aren't worth all they are cracked up to be!

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