Evil Step Sister From Hell is Hogtaped With Eric Cane

172 photos; 14:35 video

I just found out that my step-sister Lexi was about to inherit most of the money from my Great Aunts will. Oh hell no! That is not about to go down! There is no way I am going to let her take all that money when my fiance and I can use it. Myself and Mr. Eric Cane had very sinister plans brewing to stop this from happening. When we wake Lexi up from a deep XXXX she is in nothing but a sexy lingerie set which is transparent. I tape the bitches legs while Eric holds her down. I tightly bind her ankles with the tape next. I add tape above her knees too as Eric keeps control of the bitch by holding her hair and XXXX her to be still. I smash her elbows next with the tape tying her so tightly she can barely stand it. Eric manhandles her tits. I tell her that although she is the scum of the earth, and doesn't deserve to inherit a piece of coal, Eric and I had fantasies about her hot big breasted body and now she gave us a reason to act it out, and we were going to make some money off her too. We had some friends who couldn't wait to pay a nice sum for this spoiled, ungrateful bitch. Eric smacks her ass with some of his notorious XXXX smacks, and pulls her panties up tight giving her a frontal wedgie. Next I grab a large piece of cloth, and Eric shoves it in her mouth as I tape it shut. Her voice was getting irritating, and she was taking all of the fun out of what we were doing with her constant bitching and moaning. She still found a way to mmmph through the gag though. We chipmunk the cloth in her tiny mouth. Next we pull her top down, and play with her nice tits. Eric grabs electrical tape and begins to tape her breasts nice and extremely tight. I hold her by her long hair as he does this. I slap her tits once they were tightly bound. She moans as we lie her down right on her tied breasts. I make her smell my feet next and then tickle and beat her feet. Eric adds more rope deciding that this tie just wasn't brutal enough. He adds tape attaching her ankles to her thighs. Eric adds another piece of tape several times from her mouth to her feet. I slap her ass more and she is ready for the trunk we were shipping her off in to make a nice profit on top of the money we would be getting by default from the will. I add a nice tight hair tie, and then she is ready to go off to Korea!

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