Briella Seeks Female Training to Help her with her Bondage Nightmares

34 photos; 19:33 video

After going to my Dr. for a therapy session over the recurring bad dreams I was having on a constant basis I was sent to a female trainer to help me get over my bondage nightmares. I really wanted to get over these dreams once and for all. I was brought to a calm place in my mind by the trainer as he inducted me into calmness and serenity. The trainer helped me to relax and his aim was to make me focus. The man from my nightmare appears and begins to follow me once I am brought back to the root of my nightmare, and it is like I am experiencing the nightmare all over again. Suddenly, I am scared but I keep hearing the encouraging voice of my trainer telling my to face my fears so I can get through them. The man in my dream is drawing nearer and nearer, and I twitch in trepidation. The trainer tells me I am just an observer, no matter how real the therapy gets and what I feel. The trainer tells me the man I felt getting closer wanted to tie me up, and was going to tie me up and I should accept it. Soon to my terror, I feel the ropes places on my ankles, and then my knees, then my thighs. More and more rope is placed tightly on my body, and I am terrified and in pain. My wrists are suddenly slammed together, and my elbows are smashed together too. I am put into this head harness gag that scares me, but I can only continue on through this therapy as I am mesmerized. My arms are pushed into a chicken wing tie. I begin to struggle despite the voice in my head telling me to let go and give in to my demons. I feel ropes everywhere around me binding me tight. I feel trapped and unmovable. I struggle some more, and then I hear a voice tell me that I like this. I like being tied up the voice confirms in my ear. I feel a hand caressing my body, and again I am told to just give in. The voice tells me the more I give in the more it is helping me. Suddenly, I really am turned on. The ropes, although tight and brutal begin to feel good. I feel a touch between my legs growing deeper, harder and more intense touching me the way I need to be touched the voice continues dragging me along with it. The voice tells me every night when I have this dream I will go to this happy place, and feel the rubbing between my legs bringing me pleasure and not fear. Now I know that I am in a brutal hog tie, and I feel the ropes so tight along my body, but I accept them. Now I feel as though I am being fucked, and I am about to have the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. When I am on the edge I orgasm powerfully, and give into the pleasure along with the pain. When I awaken I notice the red marks on my legs, but the trainer tells me its all in my mind, and the marks really aren't there. Wow, the mind really must be powerful, and I can't wait for my next session! 

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