One Way or Another Your going to Pay! With Diz Dat

37 photos; 16:41 video

I am a clean freak and have to have my pool completely sparkling and fresh at all times. Trying to save a buck I hire a pool boy with less then stellar recommendations. How hard could cleaning a pool be right? Wrong! I walk outside and he is XXXX on the job. I am paying this douche bag by the hour and he isn't going to be XXXX on my dime! Oh no! In my short skirt, and tiny top and stilettos I rush outside to fire this jerk off. You get one try with me. He tells me I owe him money, and I tell him to go fuck off. I go back into my house reeling with anger, and he comes in right behind me a few seconds later. I quickly get up, and tell him to leave. He tells me not unless I pay him. When I refuse he grabs me extremely rough catching me off guard and he pulls my bikini panties off of me, and stuffs them in my mouth to gag me. He ties a rope over the gag cutting into my lip because it's so tightly wound around my head. He maneuvers me onto the ground, and then manhandles my breasts twisting my nipples sadistically. He ties my wrists, and then my elbows cinching them tightly together so that they appear to be fused as one. He puts me into a sinister. evil hogtie. He tickles and beats my feet. Then he ties my hair up into a tie arching me back. Somehow when he walks away I manage to get the gag, and the hair tie out, but that doesn't last long, and I get no further. He catches me working one of the knots of the bindings and gets even more pissed! He puts vet wrap extremely tight in several layers around head and ties a sturdy knot around the vet wrap sealing it to my mouth so roughly I scream! He adds even more ropes to my legs and my feet are brutalized with more rough ropes too! I can hardly stand it. Next time I will definitely be checking my references!

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