50 shades to Sidnays Initiation

68 photos; 20:53 video

My master decided that he wanted a new play-toy, and since I graduated into the head mistress it was my job to find and lasso the bitches to keep him happy! The problem is he is so hard to please, and has an insatiable appetite for new girls. He had me tie his newest bitch up, and I had to do it to his specifications or else I would be punished! I am proud of how I handle this new blonde bombshell. She is so ditzy, and I am just not in the mood! I lead her into the playroom in a sexy black dress and heels that I dress her in. She agreed to do this, and nobody XXXX her to sign up. She wanted to play, She signed the paper, and now she was owned by us! I immediately objectify and humiliate her. It is clear she has never been treated like this before. She is not a person when she is in Anthony's playroom she is a thing to bring pleasure and that is it. I tie her to the wall blindfolded by the tight vet wrap. She is already elbowed when I bring her in very tightly. Her wrists are bound securely too. We are being filmed by Anthony, and I know he is watching the whole thing. He is scrutinizing my every move, and I am nervous because I know at any moment he will be barging in the room to take control. I tie her ankles, and as I continue to add more ropes her tits fall out of the dress. I don't bother to cover her back up. I tie her long blonde hair to the wall, to keep her hair from hiding her face, not allowing her the privilege to hide behind her hair. I add more rope to her knees, and she knows she isn't going anywhere. I tie her tits tightly next. She cries out in distress when I roughly tweak her nipples. I can't help but to fondle my new toy, even though she isn't truly mine. Satisfied with a job I think is well done, I walk out of the room. I know Anthony will be coming in any moment. As I thought just as soon as he does he calls me to come back into the play-room, and I know I am in trouble. Anthony is not pleased with my rigging and thinks I went too easy on her. He makes me untie her, as he quiets her with his hand over her mouth. He makes me put her heels back on her pantyhosed feet, and pulls my hair and tells me I am next if I don't do as he says. Anthony reties her, in a way that satisfies him. He puts her into a strappado and keeps her elbowed. He connects the hook to the ceiling keeping her bound. I slap her tits. He puts more vet wrap around her face gagging the bitch and only keeping her nose partially out. The rest of her face is covered with the wrap. Anthony picks one of her legs up high into the air. Sidnay hangs in the air on just one leg. Her hair is retied arching the blonde tighter and into a way more brutal position. Anthony now satisfied leaves the room, and I fuck with her some more. She screams in distress. I take one shoe off of her, and make her balance on just one foot. She can hardly keep herself up, and the ropes pull on her arms tightly when she falls in either direction unbending to find her relief. Anthony comes back, and lifts her other leg off the ground completely. For a few unbearable seconds she hangs like that in mid air fully suspended. She is messed with until she is broken mind, body and soul the 50 shades way!

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