The Bad Guy

25 photos; 12:59 video

I just came home from a date and walked into a very dark house. I should have kept a light on, but I didn't. When I get in the house I throw my purse on the stool with my keys and head into my bedroom to watch some television before bed. Suddenly, my phone rings from the other room. I prance out there to get it, and am subdued by somebody who sneaks up behind me, and throws a pillowcase over my head. I am completely thrown off guard and shocked, and immediately terrified. OMG!. I am helpless so can't do anything but what he says. I plead with him to let me go as he drags me somewhere where I can't see. He wants to tie me up! He makes me stand and puts a cleave gag in my mouth! He unbuttons my top and then when he can't get the last few buttons open simply rips the shirt open. I try and escape when he disappears somewhere into my house to do only God knows what, but can't get loose. He elbowed me so tightly I can barely stand it. He tied my ankles too. He added more ropes on my wrists. I can hardly breathe I am so scared and I am hyperventilating. Suddenly he is back, and he pulls me on his lap where he spanks my ass hard! He grabs my tits and I scream! Then he puts me into a hog tie. Then he takes my shoes off and beats my feet severely. He lays me on the couch and unbuttons my pants. He disappears. Will he come back? 

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