Anthony Peters Stretches the truth one more time!

53 photos; 14:48 video

I wanted some advice from my so-called friend Anthony Peters about how to make a top clip. He said he needed to demonstrate how it is to be done, because it was to hard to explain without showing me. I agreed, but I made sure to let him know that I wasn't filming anything and this was just for show and it wasn't going to be long. However, he somehow got me agree to turn the camera on so I would remember what he was showing me. Yea right! Then he got me to agree to go into a upside down suspension from a trapeze bar. Again I agreed thinking it would be really fast. Do you think that's what happened? Hell no! Anthony hooked my legs into the trapeze bar and began tying me. He said he just wanted to put one rope on me to make sure I wouldn't fall, but that he wouldn't actually make it tight. Lie after lie came out of his mouth, and the worst part of all is I fell for it! He kept telling me I could trust him as he added another rope. I knew I should probably not go along with it anymore but I was in a compromising position. I tell Anthony no crotch rope. He agreed. He then tied my ankles, and slaps my ass harder then one would think someone would do if it was just for show! Once I can't get off Anthony turns into a jerk and turns it around on me. He tells me he lied, and we're making a clip after all, but it's going to be so cool! He grabs my tits too. All of the things he said he wouldn't do adding a crotch rope too. He makes me put my arms behind my back, and says I'm dizdat trained so I am going into a hog tie in mid air. WTF? He stuffs a large pink gag in my mouth stuffing it wide. He even elbows me next.  I writhe against the bar trying to make myself a little comfortable, but it's not happening. Anthony ties my breasts so tight he says I look like I am about to give milk. lol. Anthony adds another rope and tethers it to the ceiling arching me all the way up tightly. He says his trademark line "Your my favorite." But I am not an idiot and know he says this to all his models lol! 

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