Happily Never After *Extra Long Bonus Clip*

52 photos; 27:44 video

My ex boyfriend finds me lying by my hot tub in sexy lingerie with my new fling. I don't know how he knew where I was, or even how he got into my home! He is way to slick for his own good, and possibly why we're not together any longer. What a jerk! He swipes a pair of handcuffs around my wrists before I can even protest and leads me into the back room of my OWN house. Then he puts me into a hog-tie with these damn metal cuffs that are digging into my flesh! Not that he cares, because he doesn't. He is a masochist and likes that kind of thing. I struggle in my corset, and thigh high boots, not wanting him to have the benefit of my sexy new outfit, and I am mad. He comes back and pulls my hair. He stuffs my mouth wider then it has every been stretched before ,and he laughs the whole time at my agony! He cleave gags the rest of my mouth to boot, and he still isn't done. He comes back with even more material to make sure my mouth won't open, and he ties it to hard around my head. He even dangles the cloth over my nose so I can't breathe for a minute. This jerk is taking things to the extreme and enjoying every second of my pain. He connects my ankles to my wrists with the cuffs, and elbows me tightly with another set of cuffs. Then deciding this isn't scum bag quality enough he comes back and ties me in ropes. He say's the cuffs aren't tight enough! Seriously??? He takes the cuffs off, but tells me not to think I am getting free. If I try anything funny he will string me from the ceiling. Cock sucker! I try to pinch him, but he just pinches me back. He throws the cuff keys at me and I just can't seem to reach them. I finally get them in my hands and drop them! He tells me he's about to put 500 feet of rope on me, and to grin and bear it. He steals my bracelet and tells me it's going to his new bitch! He chicken wings my arms and elbows. He ties my feet up next. He bends me even further into a pretzel and I am severely uncomfortable! He pulls my tits out next and adds wooden clothes pins to them. These sting especially when he smacks them while they are clamped on my aching nipples! He comes back with the nose hook. Every rotten thing this jerk off can do to me he does. This clip is perfect for the men wronged by their ex's and want revenge. Where fetish fantasies become realities!

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