• I'm back (June 21, 2020)

    I have been away for awhile, but this past month I have definitely made a come back! In the midst of this horrible pandemic and with all of the terrible things going on in the world - I have come back to producing content. It's a creative outlet for me, and I truly enjoy what I do. When things go wrong in the world we always turn to artists. My creative outlet is producing story lines, modeling, and comung up with cool new ideas.. Thanks so much for the support from all of you guys xoxo

  • Will be Updating Regularly Again (December 13, 2017)

    Hey guys sorry it's been awhile sense I have been online and posting. But I found out I was pregnant in July, and was across the country. A lot was going on in the beginning of my pregnancy, but I have sense settled down. I moved into a new home, and am settled and happy in Florida. I am not going to be leaving Florida again, and am looking forward to rebuilding my life. Stay tuned for the many new updates which are soon to come and grace your screens xoxo Briella J and remember I am always able to make your fantasies a realities simply email for your very own custom video xoxo Briella J

  • News for the Site at the Present time (June 2, 2017)

    2017-06-02 I have been on tour shooting with some really awesome photographers. In the last couple months I worked with Ray Andrews, BM Productions, BH (In Chicago) Jerry Badman, CJ Masters, Ivan Boulder, Lew Rebens, JB Roper, and so many more awesome people. I haven't had much time to update my sites, however you will find lots of new clips being added every month. I don't have time to load daily at the present time, but I will be loading at least a few times a week. If not more. If I miss a week with an update I will always put two or three updates to make up for it the following week. Sometimes while traveling I either don't have time to update the sites, or the internet connection just isn't fast enough. We recently brought back the very sexy Lexi Lee and Diamond. I will be shooting with Diamond again when I am in Buffalo along with many other people. I also have been having pretty awesome riggers make me some clips at the end of our shoots. So check them out... You know you want too ... =)


    And thank you for the continued support.


    And as always you can always ask me to do custom clips for you. I always make time to do them simply email Please put subject line as custom as I get so many emails every day, and everyone has my email that its hard to sort them out. I do get back to every one of my emails though.

  • CLIPS4SALE (June 21, 2016)

    I also offer individual clip sales on my clips4sale page

  • Uploads Coming Regularly again (September 13, 2015)

    Hey guys thanks for hanging in there while I went through my move, and I totalled my car. Our site was out of commission for awhile. However we are back up and running, and updates will once again come regularly. If you have any customs email me at


    and look out for brand new girls, and lots of new updates


    xo Briella J

  • Fetish Con! (August 19, 2014)

    Wow fetish con was awesome, and so was my trip to Texas! I am back home, and ready to take on as many customs as yall want to send my way! Thanks for the continued support for the people who hung on through the time I was out of town and during fetish con. I only do one big tour a year, and the rest of the time I am home, and I am updating my sites. There may be a day I won't put a clip up, but for the most part you can expect a new clips 7 days a week. I appreciate you guys! I added two clips today just to show you exactly how much yall mean to me!


    I love my fans


    xoxo Briella J

  • Tour to Texas... (July 23, 2014)

    To all of my fans, I Just want you guys to know that I am currently on a tour. I am not updating much this week, but I will be trying to put up as many clips as I can. I don't tour much, so it's very rare that I will not update my sites every single day... For the most part...I do one tour a year, and plan on adding many extra clips after the 1st when I get home... I have some great models that I have hired, and will even have a couple hotties from Texas. I have new clips, but the hotels we are staying at OR my laptop doesn't have a good reception, and it makes it hard to update... So plan on lots of new models next month, and double updates a few days...




    Briella J

  • RIP H-Mark (March 14, 2014)

    We lost a very good friend recently. I apologize for a few days where I didn't upload videos. I have been very upset by the loss of one of my best friends in this world. And the sad thing is he touched so many people's lives. Many people don't take the time out of their days to acknowledge that the world lost one of it's most valuable players. So please take a few moments and say a quick prayer for him, his parents and loved ones. He will always be remembered, and you know what they say: Only the good die young.


    RIP Mark we love you.

  • Promotion (February 7, 2014)

    Wow we have gotten a ton of new members in the past week! I just want to welcome all of my new members! My site is A Premium Website with countless Videos on it already, Not to Mention that I am continously updating new content every day! So with that being said Happy Valentines day Guys!


    xoxoxo Briella J


    Where Fetish Fantasies Become Realities!


    The Home of Briella Jaden!!!!

  • Updates to the Site! (January 30, 2014)

    Hi guys I want to welcome all of my new members! I also wanted to let you know that beginning this coming month we are going to begin updating every single day! Right now we are only updating every other day.. Down the line this will bring a slight price increase, however for the next couple months I will not be rising the prices...Not sure when but keep checking back for when I do this. And it won't be a huge increase... Probably just a dollar or two...But for right now you don't have to worry about that. This probably won't take effect till the summer. So you will be getting double the clips for the same price! Now is the time to join to get the best bang for your buck! We also added a retail section and will begin to start selling things in our very own store!


    We also added the streaming feature... So now you can stream your videos! I am sure this is much more convenient for those who like it, and for those who don't you can still enjoy the same features...

    Always remember I love doing customs so please send any and all custom ideas to We have a very fast turn around rate and use high quality technology! So whether your idea is mild to wild we are the site that makes your fetish fantasies become realities!Tongue Out

    Also always hiring female models

    XOXO Briella J

  • Fetish Con (August 25, 2013)

    I had so much fun at fetish con this year guys! Thank you to all of my fans who made this year so special so far! I appreciate all your support, and think its so cool that you can have a job that you really love to do and make a living out of it. I always want to hear from you guys with any requests. I am running a new deal for you guys. From now till the end of the month whichever people sign up for a 6 month membership please email me and I will make you a 25 min custom video! That's a great deal! Its from now till the end of the month so once you sign up email and I will make you your custom video! How cool is that?


    Fetish con was so much fun! I can't wait till next year



    Briella Jaden

  • 6 MONTH SIGN UPS GET A FREE CUSTOM~ (July 14, 2013)

    So since I have decided to run one promotion I decided to run a second one right now as well. From now till the end of August if you join my website with a six month sign up you will get a free 15 minute custom. 

    To do this I need you to sign up for the 6 months then email me directly at and let me know you have signed up for the six months, and then send me your script! Simple and totally worth it!


    xoxo Briella J

  • One Week of Updates EVERY DAY Begins today~ (July 12, 2013)

    Hey guys I wasn't sure which day I was going to be home but I did promise I would update the site one update every day for this entire week, and today is the first day of this promotion! So sit back and enjoy your favorite bondage fanatasies!


    xoxo Briella J

  • Tour (July 8, 2013)

    Hey guys I am currently almost home from my tour to Los Angeles. I started the tour in Lousiana and drove all the way to Arizona and then split up with the model I was originally touring with due to some unforeseen circumstances. It was all good though. I took a greyhound from Phoenix to Los Angeles and spent the night there, and the next morning went to Dominic Wolf's house and had an awesome time hanging out with him, and his crew for a couple days. Then I went to San Francisco and met a new fun photographer Larry and many others. I spent a few nights at his house. He drove me all the way back up to Los Angeles too which was completely sweet of him. I shot with lots of other photographers too all over the state. Check out my new work with Saico's bondage captives, Lorra Lei and Jon Woods, and lots of others. I did a couple cool workshops on my way home from Los Angeles. Tomorrow I head to Lafayette Lousiana to shoot with Cully and do a workshop with him. And many more shoots I have within the two days on the road. But I will be home by the 10th. I really enjoyed myself on this long but fun tour. Since this blog is bondage related I only listed the bondage people primarily for that reason. But I shoot everything from mild and pretty glamour to hardcore bondage, and love it all!


    The long and short of this message is that due to being on this tour I wasn't able to update quite as much as I normally do. As many people probably noticed, I have been updating regularly almost every other day. Then when I go on tour its hard to keep up when I don't have the proper equipment with me. I just bought a new laptop so I will be updating at minimum 3 times per week again, and the week of the 10th you guys can expect to have an update EVERY DAY for that week to make up for the time I missed while I was on tour. So if you haven't joined it would be a great time to do so to take advantage of 7 great clips - a clip per day on this website!


    Stay tuned for lots of new stuff, I am accepting customs again which I truly love to do. It makes me happy to make your visions come true!


    Stop by and see me at my booth at fetish con!!


    xoxo Briella J

  • Soo Much fun (May 25, 2013)

    Things have been going very good. I have just been extremely busy. I go to school full time, and model full time so I don't have much time in between to do much else. I am so excited I am going to my consultation for my hair extensions. I will have extremely long hair very soon! Sooo excited about this. It's pretty expensive but worth it. This week I worked with my good friends Anthony Peters, Jim Hunter, and GiGi Lyn. All of them have their own websites too so you should check them out.,, and I will have to get Gi's website information. Very exciting my clip went to #3 on the whole bondage site with Eric Cane.


    This week I have a few new models coming up, and I am about to go on my tour to California. So much awesome stuff going on. Stay tuned for more


    And remember I am always available for custom videos


  • Out of State! (May 10, 2013)

    Hey guys, for all of my new members thanks for joinig my site! I wanted to let everybody know I was out of town therefore I only updated once last week. However, to make up for this I will be givig you guys 6 updates this week beginning today. So rather then 3, you will be getting 6 updates.


    Thanks and I have so much new hot stuff, I know you guys will really enjoy the new updates!

  • New Shoots and Having fun at Home (March 31, 2013)

    As Usual I have been busy as ever. I really don't get much downtime. These last couple weeks have been even harder because I have been taking accelerated classes at school which has been eating up all my time. I just recently shot with David Mack from the so if you haven't already go and check his stuff out. You know it's hot, and very erotic! Then I have also been working with Anthony Peters. Anthony is one of my best friends, and in the short time I have been living down south he has been there for me the most out of anybody so he my best buddie in FLA and he helped me get my store going, and everything else. He also built me into the bondage model I am today. He had to do some hard work, and he got frustrated plenty of times LOL, but in the end I am a tough ass, hardcore bondage model who can handle anything. I worked with JJ Plush in Michigan ( and that was pretty intense bondage especially her last tie, but I made it through. I am really looking forward to working with Eric Cane next. I know back in the day I couldn't have handled the bondage I can today. You should go check out Anthony's work at or He has lots of work on me there, and you know its all hot shit


    SO stay tuned! I have so much more in store, 


    And I still have some spots left for fetish con! So help me book my spots


    xoxo Briella J

  • MY BOOTH AT FETISH CON (March 23, 2013)

    Hey guys I am so excited that FETISH CON 2013! IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! I have already started booking private shoots, and sessions. My whole Friday is already fully booked. However, I still have some time the other days, and I am shooting the whole week before, and the whole week after fetish con before I head off to Texas. Yes, I do go to Texas a few times a year, and I went right after fetish con last year too! It's so cool to be a part of FETISH con! I love going, and I love meeting and talking to my fans


    Which is why: This year I have my very OWN BOOTH! At the booth I will be selling my dvds, custom videos, and other things that I have personalized for you. Including my good friend Anthony Peter's has a wonderful deal on pantyhose! You can get them for just $1.00 each. It's a really great deal!


    So come by my booth at 2pm and you will get to see me live. I only have 2-3pm each day available since I have so many shoots already lined up for the con!


    Can't wait to see yall there


    xo Briella

  • Back to Work (March 19, 2013)

    I am sorry to my members ,I haven't been online lately and updating. My grandmother just passed away, and I was out of town for the month. So I do apologize for not updating as I normally update at least 3 times a week and I update my clips4sale site every day, and Of course, you can buy the clips individually here too or you can buy them on my clips site. I probably have more clips on my clips4sale sites, but you can have unlimited access to all my clips here for the month. Its really a good deal. Anyways, I just wanted to make note of what was going on with me so you all know.,


    Also I am back again and ready to start making customs again. Yes, that's right. SO I will be responding to all of your emails this week too. I actually had a lot more custom video requests then normal when I was gone, so if I didn't respond to you I am sorry, I am getting all caught up this week and will be rolling again


    Check out my newest update with Orias. She was a ball to shoot, and I will be shooting her again hopefully VERY soon!


    Enjoy the new updates, and any comments, concerns etc. email me at

    And remember this is where fetish fantasies become realities!


    Briella's Bondage Boutique


    xo Briella J

  • Busy as a Beaver (February 5, 2013)

    I have been so crazy busy it has been insane. I want to welcome all the new members to my site! It has been a very wild ride so far getting everything done! I have some new girls coming in this week. We have Jane Lynn Doe coming back tonight, and then I am shooting a new girl this weekend! As always I update this site 3 times a week and will continue to have some hot stuff for you guys. I also am going to be welcoming back GiGi Lynn, also known from her work on Hunter's Lair. Her and Jim are back in town which is really cool. I love shooting her. So stay tuned lots more to come..


    And don't forget... If you have a custom.. Email me at


    xo Briella J

  • New Clips Added (January 23, 2013)

    Ugh! I got sick w the flue this week which really sucked, but I still have been adding clips for ya guys!


    Check out the new clips and let me know how you like them! Hopefully YOU enjoyed them!


    I also shot with my friend Anna Lee from She is so much fun to work with, and we had dinner with David Mack after the shoot. I LOVE sushi!


    Anyways I also love to do customs: so if you have any new ideas, or requests I would love to hear them


    xo Briella Jaden

  • Updates: (January 18, 2013)

    Welcome New Members!


    I did advertise the first five members who joined the site would get a free 10 minute custom clip that I made


    If you recently joined please email me at, so I know where to send your clip too,


    My email is


    Thanks so much guys, and welcome..


    I update my site three times a week.. Usually these days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays. These days may fluctuate, but at the very least a new update will be made at least three times a week


    Briella Jaden

  • (January 3, 2013)


    Well I hope everybody is having a wonderful new years. I didn't do much for new years but had a Thanksgiving dinner on New Years Day with my good buddies from Brenda's Bound Addictions. They are my next door neighbors, and my hubby and I decided to make a Turkey dinner. It turned out very good. My fried Marc who's a hyno guy arrived later in the evening. I have been just catching up on photo and video sets. I also do a lot of customs, and just catching up with my remainder custom orders I had to finish. I love doing customs! They are so much fun. Can't wait for all the other customs I will have this year. I have a shoot with Bella Loves again. We are doing another couple customs together, and I am also shooting a new girl this week. I am not going on another tour till the third weekend of this month so I am just relaxing and catching up on things.

    Hope your all enjoying the new year too, and you will love the new clips I have coming

    xoxoxo Briella J

  • Had so much fun in Jacksonville (December 29, 2012)



    I had so much fun on my last mini-tour. I drove down to Jacksonville, and Daytona Beach Florida, and had a blast working with a couple great photographers. I did a mask shoot with a glamour photographer (my other job) and yep you guessed it, no tour is complete without shooting with a little bondage escapades, or at LEAST some sort of FETISH to make the whole effort worth it. I worked with Maladaptive Behavior. If you haven't checked their site out you sure should because they are sooo much fun. This was my third shoot with the awesome married couple. Jackie is such a sweetheart, and very pretty. I dommed her so you should check their site out, and then they played some bondage games with Jackie and I together.

    Stay tuned because I have some awesome clips I will be adding and pics too! All of my updates may not have pics in them, but most do right away, and ALL sets will. I just got a new computer and have a ton of amazing photos!

    Also all of my videos will now be in hd on my clips4sale site too. My clips4sale site is Briella's Brutal Bondage Boutique:, and my normal fetish clips site is found at

    I also have another blog which I occasionally write in which is found on my google circle: (I have my amazon wish list there, and I love gifts)

    Please don't forget one of my favorite things to do is to make custom clips for my fans! If you have any requests, or custom scripts I can do for you please let me know.. You can email me at I also have a list of models I have available to do customs with. I have several hotties, and can shoot as many scripts and as many models as I have.

    The next 5 people who join my membership site will get your very own 10 minute custom clip free of charge, (with a 6 month or hire membership) so once you join email me at the email above and I will do your custom for you! ($100.00 value)

  • (December 26, 2012)



    I hope all my loyal fans have liked my new updates on c4s, but now you can get an even better deal! I update my website (here) 3 days a week! That means you can get all my clips for one monthly low price! And the clips are not of just me! To make this monthly membership even juicer for you I have invited my friends over to play. You will find me of course, and other models like Brenda Bound from Brendas Bound Addictions, Violet Sky, Jaden Star, Katherine Foxx, and so many other girls here too! I know my store is called Briellas Bondage Boutique - And its true you will find "mostly" bondage here, but you will also find things like: femdom, small penis humiliation, tickling, foot worship and foot fetish, solo and forced orgasm shots w my hitachi, and that's just the beginning of my crazy cool site! You will really enjoy what I have planned for you.


    I just shot Violet Sky on Xmas Eve, and I am shooting Jaden Starr tonight! I can't wait to update my site with these new hotties! You will love what my store has to offer!

    This is some hot shit and you won't want to miss it!

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