Custom Catching the Tease and Making Her Pay Part I

93 photos; 7:15 video

he video starts with a foot tease. You are dressed in jean-shorts and a sleeveless top, preferably the pink one, and your toe and finger nails are red. You are teasing the camera with your feet. The camera has all of you in the shot. The video is for your stalker, because he has a foot fetish and you love to tease him. You are slowly rubbing your feet together, moving your toes around and touching them to the camera. You tell him that you know how much he wants you, but that he can't have your feet and he never will. You also say "I know you really want to tie me up and gag me". The scene eventually fades out.


The scene re-opens later than evening, with you sleeping on your bed in your bedroom, dressed the same, and laying on your front. Your stalker, wearing a ski mask, sneaks in ready to tie you up. He slowly gets on top of you and takes your arms behind your back without waking you, and starts to tie your wrists. The camera view changes to a close-up of your wrists being tied. He takes his time to make sure escape is impossible. He ties them really, really tightly, slowly wrapping it around your wrists with no slack at all. As he finishes the last knot, you start to wake up. The camera goes back to general view with all of you in the shot. You realise that you can't move your hands. You feel someone on top of you. You panic and begin to struggle. (You are struggling on the same spot. You can't move around the bed because he is on top of you). He quickly stuffs your mouth with a thick rag, packing it tightly. You are not calm, you are angry, aggressive and desperate to escape. You try to scream for help as he gets out the thick, grey duct tape, but your screams are muffled. The camera view is in front of your face. (Close up). Your mouth is completely closed, lips together. You are breathing heavily as you are still struggling hard against the rope. He opens the tape reel and roughly yanks it back over your closed mouth. He starts to REALLY tightly wrap it around your head, no slack at all. You calm down, knowing there's nothing you can do, but still breathe heavily, trying to work your wrists loose. The tightness squeezes your face inwards. He wraps the tape around your head at least 8 times, breathing in excitement and relief as he does it. The wrap is very thick and very clean, overlapping perfectly. (It is like the one in your picture at the top of your website, but thicker and tighter). He finishes and lowly says "you're not going anywhere, baby" into your ear. You panic and become frantic and angry again, struggling hard desperately trying to escape, aggressively moaning through your gag. He prepares more rope. You try really, really hard to work the gag, scrunching your face and shaking your head left and right to try and loosen it, but you know it is no use. He turns around and grabs your feet (still on top of you) and really tightly ties your ankles together. Camera view is close up of your feet while he ties your ankles. He ties them fast, rough and really tight as you try to kick away. The view is of the top of your feet, as your lower legs are in the air towards his chest. He says "I've finally got you, you fucking tease" as he finishes the tie. Then says "no one is gonna save you". You try your hardest to loosen that rope around your ankles. He strokes your feet and kisses them. The camera then switches to general view, everything in shot. You are fighting the bondage as hard as you can. He roughly ties your arms, then roughly ties your legs above your knees. While he ties your arms and legs, you become more upset than angry, but still aggressively struggling and shouting through the gag, trying to plead him to let you go. After he's finished completely tying you up, tightly, he lifts you over his shoulder and carries you out of the room. Scene ends.



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