No Questions Bitch with Dizdat

50 photos; 14:11 video

I come and visit an old friend who I haven't seen for awhile. I was told he got a new location to shoot in, and I wanted to check it out. Anthony gives me the address, but the place is a bit off the beaten path. Its actually pretty deserted. I wonder why he would have a shooting location so far away from everything. When I get there I almost turn around. This place looks more like a dungeon then a place to shoot. But I decide to go in anyways. When I get inside I see Anthony. I am relieved. At least I know he's safe... Right? Clearly I had mistaken my old friend. He has so many things laying around, and I have questions. This definitely caught my attention. I sit on some weird table, and ask Anthony what it's for. He clearly thinks this would be a good time just to show me. Anthony grabs some handcuffs before I can do anything and evilly binds me to this table with tight steel handcuffs. They are so cold, and he shows no mercy. He puts me into three different positions. The cuffs dig into my tender flesh. I scream to be let go, but Anthony is having fun. He stuffs a large ballgag into my mouth, which makes me drool tons. "You ask to many questions... I'd rather just show you." To Anthony this was a sadistic handcuff show and tell... at my expense. He doesn't go easy at all. In fact, after the initial cuffed position the following positions only get more intense. All I can do is struggle. Even my elbows are ruthlessly cuffed. I try to get out but can't! My hair is then tied back, and this arches me all the way into a backbreaking position. I guess I shouldn't have asked so many questions!

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