Bodacious Ass in a Tight Tiptoe Wedgie

9:16 video

Briella decides to respond to a casting for a panty model on craigslist. Little did she know, but she was about to be signing up for a lot more then she bargained for. Briella shows up to the shoot, and Anthony Peters tells her he is going to shoot some panties. It's a simple shoot. In and out. Except, that's not what happens. Anthony hands Briella some really big panties. These look like granny panties Briella thinks. But she puts them on. She begins to model them wondering who would ever buy panties like that. As the shoot progresses Anthony brings Briella to a concoction he made. It just looks like a bunch of chains on some type of cranking mechanism. Briella's scared. What the hell did she get herself into... Anthony ties a rope to the back of Briella's panties. "This isn't what I signed up for" Briella says. "Just a couple more photos." Briella asks why she feels like she's getting a wedgie, and then Anthony begins to crank the machine. Briella is yanked higher and higher, and getting a super deep frontal and back wedgie. Anthony then removes Briella's high heels, and now not only is Briella cranked into the wedgie, but she's on her tiptopes sending her into an even deeper wedgie chaos. Briella screams, and tries to get out of this wedgie, all to no avail. Anthony finally lets Briella down, but not before yanking her panties above her head, and giving her a massive atomic wedgie! Anthony even slaps Briella's ass so hard he leaves a hand mark lol. Shot in lots of different angles. Hott!

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