Kinky Heart Custom (First Part of four)

8:03 video

Two school girls are sitting on a bed studying for an anatomy class. They have a couple of books. They have a discussion in which we learn that they are studying the heart. One of the girls gets very curious and asks the other if she can listen to her heart. The other girl gets a big smile and says “Yes!” – she

thinks it’s a great idea!  First they start out listening to each other’s hearts with their ears with their clothes on. Soon however they complain that they cannot hear each other’s

hearts beating very well so they take off their clothes. First they listen to each other’s hearts sitting up. Then one of the girls asks the other to lie down.

She does and then the second girl places her ear on her chest and listens. She asks the girl to take deep breaths. We see her head rise and fall as the girl

takes deep breaths. Eventually the “patient” wants to play doctor, so the girls switch. This should go on for a while.  Eventually one of the girls produces a stethoscope.  She says “Now we can play doctor for real!”  The girls then take turns listening to each other’s hearts with the stethoscope. They ask each other to do jumping jacks to elevate their heart rates.


Be sure to have the girls talk about what they hear a lot! They should use specific words like “heartbeat”, “heart”, “pulse”, “pounding”, “beating” – not pronouns like “it”. Also

be sure to get closeups during the ear-stething scenes so we can see the wonder on their faces as they listen with their ears to their hearts. During the stethoscope scenes,

be sure to get close-up shots of the stethoscope on the girls’ chests.

I like what you are doing with the heartbeat sound, but could you use the sound of the actual model’s heartbeats? This is easier to do than you might think. There are plenty

of online resources to show you how to make a “stethoscope-mic” or you can purchase an electronic stethoscope and record their hearts that way. I wish I could help you

do this as I am very good at recording heartbeats. If you need some female heartbeat recordings, I could send you some of mine – although it would be extremely sexy f

or you to use the actual sound of the model’s hearts beating.

You could actually make this clip into three parts if you wanted to: Part A is the ear-stething scene, Part B is the stethoscope scene and Part C could be a

lesbian duo while

they all kiss and listen to each other’s heartbeats that way. I’d love it if each part was at least 10-15 minutes.


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