Sell out Mob Girlfriend Standard Version (For Cell Phones, and Smaller Screens)

11:47 video

Sexy Mob Tramp Chi Chi Medina made a huge mistake becoming a sell-out and getting my husband in trouble. She doesn't realize he's in the mob and the wrong guy to fuck with. Although my husband had many trampy whores I still take loyalty to a whole other level. I dress her in my latex straight jacket. I got her all aone in a deserted house, and begin to put her into a stringent chair-tie. This 19 year old tramp fights and bucks like a wild bull. I tell her if she wants me to have mercy on her she needs to talk. Yet, she won't. I can't get her to say anything! I know she's a guilty trifling whore! There's nothing worse then being a snitch, and unloyal to someone you claim to love! I will get her to break and admit it. I tell her I am going to record her admitting to what she did. I tightly rig her knees together and spread her feet to each chair leg before tying them off as well. She struggles and pleads, but it's clear she's no match for me. I decide to take the straight jacket off of her, but before I do she acts out. I decide against it, and instead keep it on her, and handcuff her hands behind her neck roughly. I tell her my man and my crew will be there shortly, and if she doesn't tell me she can tell them! I unbutton her top and pull her short up revealing her sexy bra. She hates the handcuffs. Whats the matter love? I am sure your no stranger to handcuffs babydoll! I manhandle her young, sexy body. I see why my husband liked you! We both could have had some fun with you if you weren't a snitch whore! I tightly bundle her torso to the chair pressing her body tightly and she screams with each additional rope I add. "Please let me go she begs" Ya right! Not happening! I add a crotch rope next. Then I stuff a bath sponge into her mouth and wrap duct tape around her head and arms constricting her and arching her into an uncomfortable position. She struggles and bucks crazily. I leave her struggling. My husband will be so proud of me! (Clip is 11:46 duration)


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