Dorky Coed Left Hanging by Her Granny Panties

5:45 video

Its that time of the month, and Teagan has her big ol' granny panties on! Abby and I come in and make fun of our dorky sorority sister! Her panties are so "uncool" and not "flattering". She personifies what a dork is in the truest sense of the word! Teagan doesn't want to go try clothes on with us because she doesn't feel well. That doesn't fly with us. You see Abby and I took Teagan under our wing. We wanted to make her popular. With panties like that our mentoring wasn't working. Therefore, we ruthlessly wedgie Teagan. We shove the panties so far up her ass. She screams out in pain. We make her bend down and give her lots of atomic wedgies! Then we make her stand on a chair, and without giving her much warning we remove the chair from under her feet, and she hangs by her granny panties! She screams, and struggles, and she's in real pain. Maybe next time Teagan will think twice before wearing such uncool panties no matter what time of the month it is!

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