Briella Faints and Recovers

6:14 video

While I really don't strip for an occupation anymore sometimes if the money is right I will privately dance for customers. But that's it. I don't do anything beyond dancing! Anthony Peters happened to call me and ask me to come over for an amount of money I just couldn't resist. I came over expecting to do a couple easy dances and then take off hundreds of dollars richer. What a good feeling. I really need the money right now. You always hear horror stories, but so far I have not had any bad situations. Until there was one. I begin to dance for Anthony and sense a weird vibe. Suddenly he asks me to sit down for a minute on his lap so I do. This was not such an odd request, and wasn't too uncomfortable for me. When I start dancing for Anthony again he grabs my wrists and holds me tight. I try and laugh him off but he's not kidding. Suddenly, my creep radar goes off, and I am scared. I begin to try and fight him off me but he is to strong, and does a wrestling leg hold on me. He pulls my hair and demands my submission. He stuffs a large pink gag into my mouth but it breaks. He grabs an old stinky pair of socks and stuffs them in my mouth. He holds them in my mouth with a zip tie. He begins to put extremely tight zip ties on my body and they dig brutally into my skin. I scream out in agony. Anthony smacks my ass hard, and his face brightens from my predicament. He says it's now a party! He torments me with the scissors he has lying near by. I roll around on the ground, and Anthony puts me into a wicked frog tie with the zip ties. This hurts a lot!He adds a zip tie around my waste and wrists next. Then he takes my shoes off me and loudly cracks my toes. I hate that! He adds zip ties to my feet next and then tickles them. He keeps adding more zip ties. He smashed my elbows together with the zip ties earlier and my arms felt numb and were turning an ugly color of purple. The more zip ties he adds the more sadistic this predicament becomes. I am in a lot of pain! Anthony leaves and lets me struggle and then comes back. He soon comes back to torment me once more. He adds duct tape around my zip tie gag pressing the gag severely into my mouth and it becomes much more tight. Anthony finishes this brutal tie by taping a stripper shoe to my face!

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