One Big Phat Naughty BBW Compilation

18:31 video

Adding to my compilations here is a BBW compilation you won't soon forget. Do you like BBW's? Then this clip is for you! It has Malice who is a SS-BBW and Nessa.

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Clip includes:

BBW-Fat Food Stuffing -I think BBW's are sexy, and I decide to have a contest with one to see if I can eat as much as she can. Of course, I really can't keep up. We both stuff our mouths and eat a ton of food. Vanessa talks about how she wants to grow even larger and have her whole belly take the whole side of the table up. She makes fun of me for not being able to keep up, and the chatter goes back and forth with snide comments to one another. Pretty funny. Then I decide I am full, but she can keep going and does. I stuff some food in her mouth at the end of the clip, and we compare bellies. Lots of fat comments

BBW - Malice's Giant Briella Burps - I light a cigarette and sit down with my fatty friend! Sure, I like this girl. We were buddies for years. Yet, while I was a health fanatic and worried about counting calories, she was the exact opposite. The only thing she counted was meals... And she had just finished her fifth one after lunch. I was beginning to worry about how she was becoming so big so fast! It didn't seem healthy. I sit down and light a cigarette as I tell her how I was counting calories for that day, and how I wasn't sure it was working. "At least these help" I say lighting a cigarette which curved my appetite. Then I continue, "While we are talking about health...Your really packing on the pounds.. Maybe you should have a cigarette and lose weight that way. Hell it works for me!" Malice looks at me with disdain after I tell her this. The bitch even grabs my smoke from me. "Umm no!" She says dismissing everything I had just told her, and putting out my cigarette to boot! I tell her she's "Rude". Malice laughs at me looking as though she's foaming at the mouth for some more food. "Isn't it time you fed me again?" She smiles. This bitch was crazy. We just finished eating lunch. I knew she was already several meals ahead of me... and the rest of the world. I didn't think Malice needed to eat again. She was going to blow up if she kept inflating herself like that with food. I tell her "no" I am not feeding her again. Malice didn't like that answer, and tells me I look "rather good!" She snarls at me, and begins to bite my leg like a juicy piece of meat! I can't believe this! Was malice getting so big because she was swallowing people?! Well to my horror I was about to find out... This bitch is so big she actually disproves what I know about Anatomy and Physiology. She swallows me down her large larynx, into her esophagus, and through her cardiac sphincter I go. I was now sitting in this fatso's stomach. It's so dark in here! I scream and pound on the massive walls around me. They are so thick. Yikes! All this does is give Malice heartburn and she burps loudly. It reverberates through her whole body several times. She's such a piggy! I can't believe she swallowed me whole! Malice talks to me in her tummy. "You think this is bad, wait until your digested!" I am so scared as I realize the next time I see her on the outs will be when I am in the toilet


BBW Excercise Failings -
Malice contacts me to be her personal trainer. I know this is going to be a hard job, but I am always willing to try something new. Challenges excite me. When I meet Malice I realize right away I am going to have to be hard on her. Tough love is the only way to go. I demonstrate to Malice different types of exercises that she needs to complete. She struggles with each thing, barely able to complete a simple exercise before she's panting and out of breath. It would be comical if I wasn't trying to train this bitch, and get her to shed some pounds. She is over 400 pounds and she desperately needs to lose weight! We do jumping jacks and her belly wiggles all over. I tell her she's fat, and needs to try harder. I make her touch her knees, do sit-ups, push ups and more. She fails miserably at each attempt. I am so frustrated with this piggy that I quit leaving her stuck on the floor pouting. I doubt she can get up.. At least not without some serious effort.

Clip is over 18 minutes!

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