Dirty Gold Digging Whore Tape Tormented

136 photos; 5:33 video

I found out that my dad was dating a woman who was known for her gold digging shenanigan's. In fact, it turns out that my father was the only one who didn't know what this slut was up too. I decide I was going to have to scare this bitch straight. I wanted to show her why she shouldn't mess with my daddy. She wakes up, and finds herself uncomfortably tight and snugly tied to a high backed chair. She is confused at first and tries to get herself free. That's a negative! Not going to happen. She was going to admit she stole money that should have rightfully been mine. I was so mad she had taken so much from my dad she was now dipping her greedy slut hands into my inheritance. She struggles hard, but I laugh at her feeble attempts and add more and more tape. Her legs are evilly spread and taped. Her arms are taped. Her elbows are cruelly sealed behind her head jutting her neck forward. I was slowly going to break this bitch no matter how long it took! She is tape gagged, and I slap her and manhandle her. Poor little bitch... I almost feel bad for her....except I don't!

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