Sexy but Scandulous Auto Sales Lady Left to Hang

122 photos; 7:09 video

I found a pretty awesome car online for an amazing price... or so I thought! It was a 2016 Honda Accord and looked to be in pretty spiffy shape. When I inquire about the car I imagine it would already be sold long ago because the posting was from over a week ago. There was no way someone wouldn't have snatched this good deal up. But to my amazement not even an hour later I get a ding on my phone, and it's the car owner. She tells me the car is mine, but I needed to sign the contract then and there to hold it. I wouldn't have done this, but she tells me I only have to send her a small down payment, and can pay the bulk of the cost when I come to pick up my car. Done! Except, I should have read the small print. It turns out the contract was binding, and Raven actually entered a very cheap and ugly car into the purchase agreement. I don't notice what this scandalous bitch did until I arrived. I see the car Raven is trying to sell me, and I am pissed and appalled. This was not the car i saw online, and agreed to buy. I tell Raven this. Raven only laughs. "This is the car you saw!" Raven laughs twirling around the vehicle. "Don't you like it?" I tell her absolutely not and the deal is off. The bitch only laughs again pointing out that the forms I filled out online, and the deposit were binding, and I needed to get the vehicle out of her driveway. When I refuse to Raven cops an even bigger attitude, and tells me she's not giving me my money back, and she already has the information to my bank account. She was going to help herself to the remaining lump sum to pay this car note off. I am so mad. I decide to talk it out like adults in the back... Well maybe not adults... but my style adult. As her and I walk into the backyard I grab her and tie her up with some rope I had in my car for just this reason. Stupid bitches getting out of hand. I easily strappdo her with her hands high above her head, and leave her hanging there with one leg completely off the ground. She is in very tall high heels, and a very uneven grassy area. It's so hard to stand. I am so mean! I watch as she struggles and demands to be let out. It's so painful. I only gag her, and watch her continue to struggle against her bindings. She is tightly tape gagged, and her elbows are so brutally bound together... I almost feel bad for her... But who's the bitch now?

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