Bangin' Bondage Compilation with Hottie Vesper Luna

17:48 video

 I love making my fans these awesome compilation videos which you guys seem to enjoy so much. Here is our first one featuring the very sexy Vesper Luna. So sit back, and enjoy three clips for the price of 1!  Over 17 minutes long!
This compilation includes the following clips:


Sexy Goth Girl in Sky High Boots Begs "Please Just Let Me Go" - "Please just let me go!" Sexy Goth Vesper begs. She doesn't know how she got there, or who captured her. But she wakes up only to find herself all alone and in a super tight hogtie. Briella eventually comes in and taunts her, but Briella doesn't come into view in this clip. Instead we see the very sexy Vesper struggling in the tight hogtie with her all her might. She rolls around, arches and struggles so hard. Her elbows are cruelly cinched together, and her wrists and ankles bound too. Her hogtie is so tight, and she is ballgagged. Super hot.

Tightly Table Tying Non Conforming Cheerleader:

I lead a very tight knit group of girls on the cheerleeding team. We are very selective on who we choose to be on our team. After a summer break Vesper comes back, and she's not the same girl I had originally chosen to represent our teams. In fact, the pretty girl has gone completely goth! I am so angry. She can't be so blatantly looking out of  the norm. She doesn't look a thing like my other girls. In fact, she has dark makeup, and she dyed her hair green! I am pissed off! I tell her this is unacceptable, but Vesper doesn't want to hear it. She's too busy tweeting! I don't know what else to do so I I decide to give her some "negative reinforcement" to teach her a lesson. I grab some duct tape and tie the bitch tightly on my tabletop. She is so tightly tape tied into a hogtie she can't stand it. I seal her elbows together, and chicken wing her. Then the rest of her body is also typed arching her into a very uncomfortable position. She tries to fight back, but all to no avail. She is given an around the head tape gag to shut her mouth. She struggles hard, and even manages to flick me off. The only remedy to that is to tightly tape her fingers together too. This bitchy cheerleader will think twice before being a brat and refusing to take her cheerleading responsibility seriously. So glad I could help bitch!

Come on Brats and Untie Me - Poor Luna. She needed the money, and low and behold she took a babysitting job from hell. The sexy goth girl thought she could handle anything. But she never imagined the terror that was waiting for her with this job. The brats won't listen to a thing she says, and it gets worse. When the tired babysitter briefly falls asleep she wakes up, and they had her bound with ropes. Luna can't believe it. She demands to be let go, but they won't let her go. She thinks one of them put something in her drink, because every time she goes out more ropes are added, and then a large ballgag is stuffed in her mouth. This is unbelievable! Luna dealt with brats before, but never like the ones she met when she took this job. She is tied so tightly too. How do they even know how to do this to her? Luna is so mad, and fights like hell to get untied but she just can't. She also can't prevent more from being added to her getup. This is not a game! Luna keeps telling them, but it's clear the brats are winning this one too!

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