Rough and Ready Atomic Wedgie Compilation

19:47 video

I put together a super cool compilation video. This clip showcases three hot videos showing amazing sexy and rough atomic wedgies. So if you like these types of hardcore wedgies don't miss out on this super cool deal!

Clip includes the following videos:


New Girl Atomic Wedgies: No Pain No Gain: I posted an advertisement up online that I was looking for new models who were willing to shoot the type of content I enjoy shooting. One of the things I needed was a brand new wedgie model. Vanessa calls me and inquires about the job. She is really interested in "atomic wedgies" she looked it up online. She never even had an actual wedgie, but she was going to go for the gusto. I invite her over for a try-out wedgie session. Vanessa is super bubbly, and has a really nice body. I get right to the point. I tell her to take down her skirt, and to show me the type of panties she was wearing. She isn't just wearing one pair... she wanted to try double panty wedgies. After I approve of her wedgie panties I then tell her to give herself a wedgie. I tell her it can't be a sissy wedgie either. She impresses me when she gives herself a hard wedgie... But I always like to push my models limits and know we can go even harder. I come in and give her some hard wedgies. They progressively get more intense. Then I decide it's time to turn up. I give Vanessa some more wedgies, and then pull the panties way over her head. I taunt her while she has an atomic wedgie. I even make her give herself an atomic wedgie. She knows it painful, but she's a good sport. I have fun breaking the new girl into atomic wedgies, and it looks like we have a new future wedgie star on the horizon. She passed her wedgie audition with flying colors.

Wedgie Whore Gets Atomic Wedgies: Vesper just got her boyfriends credit card bill. She already had a talk with him about this. And there it was, right in front of her face. The bastard was still buying all of Lexi Lee's videos. Vesper was mad, because she felt the money he was spending on Lexi's videos should have been going on things for her. Not some internet "wedgie whore." That's the thing... All of the videos Vespers man was buying was wedgie videos. Vesper is fuming mad. Until she see's Lexi driving down the street  and Vesper decides to follow her to her home. She lets herself in Lexi's house, and decides then and there she's going to punish this wedgie tramp. She is going to give her wedgies herself. Not the sweet and seductive wedgies Lexi was used to getting, and that captivated all of the men who kept buying her clips. She was going to give Lexi hardcore wedgies both frontal and back. Lexi is shocked, and laughs at the situation. She was used to girls getting mad at her because their boyfriends fell in love with Lexi's luscious ass. Lexi laughs, and doesn't put up to much resistance.  After all Lexi kind of likes wedgies, and Vesper is hot. But when the wedgies get even worse and much harder Lexi begins to change her mind. These wedgies really hurt! She screams as Vesper gives her extreme wedgies, and even atomic wedgies. All of the commotion wakes up Lexi's friend and roommate. Briella comes in to see what the commotion was all about. When Lexi tells her expecting Briella to take her side Briella is pissed. "You said you weren't making videos anymore?!" Briella yells. Now both girls wedgie Lexi with extremely hard frontal, back and atomic wedgies. They even wedgie Lexi at the same time!

Taking Sherry's Atomic Wedgie Virginity: Sherry is very naughty... She loves doing things outside the box. There isn't much that I can teach the pretty milf... except one. She has never had a wedgie before... Well not like the kind we give our sexy girls. And to make it even more exciting Sherry didn't even know what an atomic  wedgie was. Well that was all about to change. I invite her over for a sexy girl slumber party. We are hanging out in my bedroom when I tell her that today I was going to give her her very first wedgies. Sherry is a bit nervous. She has "heard" about the type of wedgies I give girls and of course can take myself. And yet, she has no idea what power a true wedgie really holds. I can't wait to take her wedgie virginity. I instruct Sherry how to pull the panties to get her hot. She gives herself frontal and then back wedgies. Nice and slow at first, but definitely harder as we progress. She really likes it. "Wow this is nothing like I ever imagined!" She laughs. I know she's getting turned on as she frontal wedgies herself again and again, and then does the same to her ass. But then it's time to pick up the pace. I get on the bed, and we both wedgie each other. I then show her how to give herself an atomic wedgie, before I get so excited that I give her atomic wedgies too. We both give them to each other over and over again. The more we wedgie each other the more excited we get... Until we can't take it anymore. Sherry even gets her very first bra wedgie! Yep this is a hot wedgie clip. Sherry even shows you how wet the wedgies got her by showing you the wet spot in her panties.. Kinky bitch! Hott!


Over 19 minutes long! Super hot clip deal!

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