CPR Briellas's Resus

4:41 video

I got into a huge fight with my boyfriend and we broke up. I was upset and talking to the person I was with at the time about how upset I was. Jane-Lyn tried to calm me down, but nothing was working. I was beginning to hyperventilate, and I could feel my blood pressure rising quickly. I was also short of breath (SOB), and feeling uneasy. I stood up to go call him, and suddenly I fell to the ground and passed out. I fainted cold. Jane Lyn rips off my shirt that I was wearing and checks my pulse. Immediately she begins doing chest compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitation. When nothing happens she begins to slap my face in a panic. Suddenly I wake up feeling still out of it, and Jane Lyn notices I am very pale still. I began having chest pains and stand up to quickly overexerting myself. Jane tells me that I fainted, but it doesn't make sense. I am delirious and confused. I try and stand but get dizzy again and fall to the ground fainting again. Jane lyn continues to do chest compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitation but this time I don't wake up, She continues in a panic to try and revive me, and finally when she is about to give up and call 9-11 I wake up. She checks my pulse and its steadily rising slowly. My color begins to come back, and Jane Lyn makes me sit on the couch while she consoles me. (2013)


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