Bratty Goth Model Steals From Me and is Sadistically Bound and Punished

112 photos; 8:19 video

I had been working with Vesper Luna for several months. She was new to the industry, but I thought I could trust her. In fact, I even left my wallet in the living room and left as she was packing up to go home after a shoot. I was supposed to drive her home, but she announced she had a ride. Apparently, while I was out of the room she ransacked my wallet and took all of my money! As fate would have it the bitches ride cancels on her, and being so far in the country she couldn't catch a taxi without waiting for an ungodly amount of time. She was forced to come back in. I realize that I didn't pay Vesper when she tells me her ride cancelled. Not surprised as we were so far out. "I forgot to pay you." I tell Vesper knowing very well I put her money in my wallet along with some extra cash. I notice right away my wallet isn't how I left it, and then to my horror I see all of my money is missing. Knowing full well Vesper was the only one in the place other then myself I knew what happened to my money. I can deal with a lot of things, but a thief isn't one of them. Of course I confront her. She denies taking anything but I know better. I am even more pissed that she lied. I push Vesper to the ground and set about binding her. I use zipties first and makes sure her elbows are cruelly cinched together. Her legs, and ankles are bound next. She struggles and begs to be released but I want to set an example out of this pretty goth tramp. I then use my rope and hogtie her even worse. I even hair tie her arching the pretty brunette back. She struggles through the ballgag I use to seal her pretty mouth shut, and when I am satisfied I leave her to struggle while I go and get my cash back. Scandalous bitches!

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