Busty Bitch Hard Tied

32:23 video

Over 32 minutes of hot bondage with a beautiful busty brunette. The clip includes:


Big Titty Babysitter in Zipties: I have been watching Kelly since the first day I met her. She never noticed me staring at her, but maybe she should have. When I saw her again at a gas station, talking about the babysitting job she was doing I made the decision I was going to meet her. When I sneak into her place she's shocked and I can't wait to make her mine. But first, there's some intermediary steps. I make the bitch limp, and carry her to the couch. (The carrying is off camera in this clip). I undress the bitch. I love staring and touching her tits. After I get her on the couch I grab the most painful thing I brought with me! Zip ties. I know the plastic will dig into her flesh hard. I put her legs into a frogtie. After her legs are good and bound, she wakes up. She begins to struggle, and pushes herself from the couch onto the floor. I ziptie her ankles next. I elbow her with the ties, and bind her wrists. I add a duct tape gag, and leave her to struggle. When I come back I have plans for her large tits, and add zipties around each breast squeezing them hard, and they begin to turn color. She cries out and struggles but it's all in vain. Right now she's mine. I put her into a brutal zipped hogtie and leave her to struggle

Big Titty Biker Bitch Caught and Held for Collateral: Kelly had no idea what her MC boyfriend was up too. It was nothing new. He never told her anything. Still, when he reneges on a deal he made with the mob we take it personal! We grab his slutty, big breasted girlfriend. I tell his Old Lady she is fucked. She has no way out! We know her man will eventually come for her. Until then I will play with her. She wakes up on a mattress confused and screaming. "What the fuck?!" Kelly screams as the pain registers through her lovely body. She begins to yell and I enter the room. I don't say anything at first. I can tell she is getting much more frantic by the second. She struggles hard. Her ankles, and wrists are already bound. I add a breast rope for good measure. Kelly will not shut the fuck up. I call my man and let him know that I did as he asked of me. What the fuck was I supposed to do now with this big breasted thing? She was making a real commotion! "He tells me to gag the bitch until he got there, and then she'd shut her loud ass up." Not wanting to disobey my husband I do as he says. I pick up a piece of dirty cheese cloth laying on the end table, and stuff it in her mouth from cheek to cheek. Then I use a whole lot of electrical tape to hold it in place. It's really tight, and I almost feel sorry for this bitch... But not enough to get into the middle of this ongoing feud! Too bad she got mixed up with the wrong people. Now she would pay the ultimate price. I also use electrical tape on her feet binding them tightly. I grab the wiggling woman by her neck and throw her around on the bed. I pull her large tits out of her top, and feel her up. Now, this is hot! I arch her up to the ceiling by her arms and ankles. I then take a huge chunk of her hair and hair tie her to the suspension point as well. This bitch doesn't know what to do next, but her loud screams of distress will definitely get the attention of her shady MC family. Until then she will just have to "hang out"... For awhile lol


Big Breasted Diva Bitch Should Have Left Her Attitude at the Door: Kelly was very sexy, but always late to my shoots. I was getting sick of her, and was about to write her off as a lost cause. I don't like when people don't listen to me, and I especially hate rude bitches. Kelly walks into the shoot 4 hours late! I am incredulous at her nerve. She has a flippant attitude, and doesn't care that she just walked in several hours late. I confront her angrily, but we end up shooting anyways sense I need the content. "That's too tight!" she begins to complain. "I'm not wearing a gag!" this busty slut goes on and on. I purposefully make the ropes tighter, and she cries out in pain. I tie her elbows together, her wrists, and her ankles in the chair. I grab the dirtiest socks I can find and stuff them into her mouth. I knew she didn't want a gag so I add 10 pieces of heavy duty duct tape to her face. She screams, and tries to protest, but it's no use. I always get what I want. I tie her long dark hair to the ceiling, and then watch her in severe pain. I am clearly enjoying getting the last laugh on this one! Sucker!

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