Leggy Ayla Brutally Bound by Zipties by Con Woman

163 photos; 9:52 video

Ayla saw my faux posting online claiming I was a videographer specializing in all things BDSM. I claimed one shoot with me and she could begin a whole new fetish modeling career. Of course these were all pipe dreams. When Ayla sees my posting she immediately contacts me. I was flooded by hopeful females. This was too easy. Clearly, these bitches weren't doing their homework. Ayla stands out amongst the others. Besides being very pretty with long blonde hair and even longer legs she said she wanted to be bound in zipties. I wonder if the girl is trying to get my attention, or just clueless about how badly zipties hurt. Either way she did get my attention. I invite her to my home. I do a brief meet and greet. Then begin to bind her with the zipties. They really hurt. Ayla keeps saying 'it's definitely tight' when I ask her how she feels. I soon realize it was the latter lol. Poor Ayla had no clue how hard the plastic would dig into her virgin ziptie skin. Her arms are bound to her frogtied legs in quite an uncomfortable position. Her feet and wrists are ziptied next. I even ziptie her big toes together. Ayla's eyes definitely show a mix of pain and fear as every move only makes the zipties tighter... and the kicker... Wait for it... When she's all bound I tell her my secret. I tell her who I really am, and her expression is priceless!

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