Briellas Best Mouth Tours Collection 1

22:52 video

This video is over 22 minutes long filled with luscious mouth tours. This is our first in the mouth tour series and includes for of our favorite mouth tours. This clip includes:

Sexy Ethnic Girl Irena's First Mouth Tour: Irene is a very sexy Russian model. She has only been in this country a few short years. I tell her that I want her to do a mouth tour for me and she is excited to try it. She tells me she has heard about mouth tours before, but has yet to do it herself. Well today all that is about to change. She opens her mouth big and wide, and lets her sexy wet tongue hang out. She showcases her perfect teeth. She also runs her tongue seductively around her plump lips. We get shots of her uvula. Very hot first mouth tour. You will be seeing more of this sexy Russian's mouth soon. I give her very minimal instruction in this clip, and she does well on her own. I do ask her some questions about how she likes the Dentist and whether or not she has or ever had any cavities.


Sydney Cyntana's Afternoon Mouth Tour: It's been a very long time since we had the very sexy Syndey Cyntana give a mouth tour. She opens her mouth so wide. We see her sexy hanging uvula midline, as well as her tongue and teeth. She can open her mouth very big. She puts on lipgloss for your viewing pleasure and shows you where she had her wisdom teeth removed. If you missed this hottie, now is your chance to check out her newest mouth tour xoxo


Our First Gorgous Goth Mouth Tour with Vesper Luna:
Vesper Luna is absolutely a doll! She's beautiful and sweet, which makes her a wonderful new edition to the team. Today we did our first ever mouth tour with Vesper. We didn't give her much direction, and yet she hit on everything I like to include in my mouth tour clips. She opens her mouth super wide and shows you crystal clear uvula views (great close ups), and she also shows you her gag reflex as she touches her uvula. Vesper can do tongue tricks too. She talks about when she got her adult teeth in and showcases her pretty teeth. She spreads her lips open and just does an overall awesome mouth tour. If you haven't seen Vesper's mouth yet you definitely should. You will love her charisma as well as her luscious mouth. We can guarantee you will definitely be seeing lots more of Vesper soon.


Our First Hot and Close Up Mouth tour with Ayla - Ayla is very beautiful, and so we definitely wanted to get a good look in her mouth. She knows exactly how to do a perfect mouth tour. She opens her lips big and wide, and gives you clear and ultra close up views of her sexy uvula. She moves her uvula and shows off her teeth too. She knows how to move her tongue and can do a tongue trick. She also has lots of saliva in her mouth which we get hot views of as well. Super sexy clip. You will love this hottie, and we can't wait to have her back soon. Stay tuned for many more amazing and hot clips

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