Two Girl Ghostly Limp Possession

6:44 video

After a late night on the town with my friend Riain I come home and find that Teagan is in my house. I thought I locked my door, and I had no idea how she got in. Still, weirder yet, she was acting odd. Her body is gyrating at odd angles, and she seems utterly...possessed! I suddenly realize that my pal is completely out of her own control. I begin to feel weird myself and know I need to get out of there fast! She started hanging out with weird people and I didn't know how to handle this possession. She clearly had a ghost inside of her making her move in these odd ways. I call my friend Riain in the room before he leaves. He has a degree in theology and he's the only person I can go too. He runs into the room, and he's shocked at what's going on. I run out of the room afraid of also becoming possessed. Meanwhile, Teagan decides she wants to fuck Riain. Riain tells her "no" but she's not catching the drift. Finally, Riain makes her limp and for some odd reason feels compelled to play with her limp limbs, and he opens her mouth and pulls her tongue out of her mouth. He pushes the thoughts out of his head. I don't get so lucky. I also become trapped by the ghost who possesses me too! My eyes roll up into the back of my head, and my body is no longer under my control. Riain is horrified and runs away. Teagan and I both ragdoll each other under the force of the ghost doing his demonic deeds. We each play with the other's limp limbs at different times. Then we collapse on the couch side by side...Stripped of my shirt I lay my head on top of Teagans breasts and we fall into a sleep...Completely spent

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