Briella's Home Alone Remastered

10:23 video

Back in 2015 we filmed this clip. Its super hot and hardcore. I am nearing the end of my pregnancy, and very soon will be making lots more videos just like this one, and better! Until then enjoy this hot flash from the past.
I am home all alone on my day off from classes! I am doing some online shopping when I hear loud knocking on my door. I wasn't expecting any company. Who the hell would be banging on my door? I see a man in a uniform so I open the door. He looked like a home maintenance man. He didn't look suspect. The man tells me he is a security guard investigating some type of security issue. He pushes me aside and steps inside. He shows me a paper trying to confirm my identity... At least that's what I thought he was doing. As I am looking at the paper, he suddenly grabs me around my neck and lifts me off the ground as he drags me further inside my own home. I kick and scream in complete shock that this is happening right now! The man pulls several leather straps out of his pocket, and even a big ballgag! He connects my hands tightly over my head with the straps, and he straps my ankles and my wrists. I am tightly bound and can't move. I scream and try to kick this motherfucker, but I can't get him to budge. Instead he smacks my ass so hard I see stars. He keeps taunting me. This man is crazy! He even tickles me. He strips me out of my clothing leaving me completely nude. I have no idea what he's going to do next. I try to kick him again, and this time he grabs my foot in midair, and he attaches it to a hook on the wall. I am now balancing all my weight on one foot. I am in extreme pain. It gets worse when this son of a bitch blindfolds me. I can barely stand at all. Every time I move I lose my balance and pain consumes me. I continue to struggle and cry. What the hell is going on? I can't see a thing and I am beginning to panic!

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