Busty Bitch Lexi Didn't know Bondage Was Part of the BnB Deal

7:05 video

Lexi found my BNB online on a discount site. I thought I was offering more then a good deal, and was so sick and tired of snotty rich bitches always trying to rip me off. I knew I was at the end of my rope (no pun intended), and if one more person tried to haggle with me I was simply going to lose it. Well, Lexi schedules a week at my place. I have a quaint bed and breakfast, and can't host more then two people in it at a time. Lexi reserved a lot of time at my place, but she said she was having an issue with her credit card and would pay when she arrived. As soon as Lexi gets there the trouble begins. "It's kinda busy..." She tells me, and then she adds, "and the other BNB is offering the same thing for about $100 cheaper. Do you think you can give me a discount?" I want to scream, but I don't. Yet, she doesn't stop, and she won't listen to reason. I tell her that all of the amenities I provide can't be matched, and that I even went and spent over $100 for food for her for the week. All things I didn't have to do. "I don't need you to feed me!" Lexi says in her condescending way. With that the busty bitch just struck a nerve. I was going to make her an example. I was tired of this job, and she just made me snap. I tell her I will consider her request of $100 off, when of course this wasn't what I was thinking. I was thinking of how tightly I was going to tie this little tramp up, and make her pay for my aggravation. I give her a drink with a little extra additives included free of charge. She immediately gets sleepy, and this makes me happy. I grab her purse and take her credit card out. No little bitch was going to rip me off again. No more nice BnB hostess. I then grab my ropes, the bondage enthusiast that I am I always have them handy, and I tie the bitch up. She wakes up groggy and confused, and I explain to her she's fucked as I tie her arms, wrists ankles and knees super tightly. Her neck is bound to her knees arching the pretty bitch forward, and then I ballgag her. I tell her that "until she's ready to pay me what she owes me" she was going to have to sit there and struggle with her new predicament. I think she will come to her senses sooner or later. I leave her KO with a nice sleeper hold before walking out.

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