Beautiful Superheroine Vesper Luna Captured and Evilly Tape Tortured Ultra HD

203 photos; 6:21 video

The very beautiful Vesper Luna thought she had a day off. Yet, she should have known better. Superheroines never get any time off. She is laying out on her hammock in the bright Florida sun enjoying the day. She didn't know but I was waiting for the right moment to come out of the darkness, and startle her. I had been watching her for a long time. I always worked better with the element of surprise on my side. I had a new toy which would destroy the pretty superheroine. My tape would absorb all of her power the moment it touched her skin. Yet, Batgirl Luna was usually too fast to trap. While she is laying there enjoying the sun I sneak up on her.. Surprisingly, She doesn't recognize me because I am dressed like a normal human. Maybe she should have been paying more attention, but she wasn't and this allows me to simply touch the tape to her skin without her reacting until she feels the tape touch her. Immediately, Luna jumps but it's too late. The magical tape was already absorbing her powers, and the longer it was on her the weaker she got. I swiftly move around her as I explain who I really am to the horrified superheroine. I laugh as she is taped. All of her powers are leaving her and there is nothing she can do about it. I feel the powers leaving Luna and entering me. She tries to struggle and scream as the tape binds her but she can't escape. Poor Batgirl Luna is just too weak. I remove her boots taking any remaining power she may have harbored there. She definitely doesn't like that and screams and writhes against the tape holding her in place. Then comes the unveiling of her face mask. With all remaining strength the pretty, goody goody superheroine tries to fight, but she can't, and just like that all of her power is stripped away...

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