Real Estate Agent has Ulteriror Motives for Homewrecking Tramp!

76 photos; 8:43 video

 I got some valid information that Sherry was sleeping with my husband. I was pissed off, and wanted to confront the dirty bitch. Of course, she would deny it... unless I contrived a plan that would leave the bitch with no other choice but to tell the truth... and quick! I knew she wanted a new home in the very wealthy area I just so happened to have access to homes at. I call her and book a showing. The stupid bitch doesn't even realize that she never called on this house. At first I lie to her about why she is there, but once I have complete control I tell her who I really am. Besides, a bitch who shouldn't ever be fucked with...her worst nightmare. Yet she was too busy being a gold digger to pay attention to those type of minute details. She agrees to meet me at the house. When she arrives she very easily becomes impatient. I make her sit there and watch her reactions to the things around her. First, I am purposefully late. I want to piss this tramp off just like she pissed me off. Then as she becomes angrier and angrier by the fact she is kept waiting she finds the things laying around the porch. When she spots the rope she is shocked. "What kind of shady stuff is this?" Sherry demands. This just makes me laugh at her. HAHAHA! Then I take this opportune time to make my appearance. "Your late!" Sherry screams at me. Of course I was late, and she was a jerk. I guess we were even... But not really! Not yet. I slap her with the rope and play it off as if it was an accident. I love taunting the bitch. "Oh my God!" Sherry says annoyed. She finally has enough and is about to walk away when I grab more rope and quickly tie her ankles. The bitch has no idea what's going on. She's too slow to get away too. I guess I have the element of surprise, and she is fucked. Pretty bitch she was. I love how the roles are now reversed. I am winning, and she is on the losing end. A very painful end to be on if I may add. Then her wrists are tied behind her. Her knees are bound, and I give her a super tight crotch rope which I yank tightly against her pussy! "Owwww!" Sherry yells, but her voice is beginning to piss me off. I grab some duct tape and wrap it around her head to efficiently gag her. Once I am satisfied I tell her I am not really even a real estate agent. She was fooled, and looks like the last laugh was on her. I pick up the phone when my husband calls, and tell him I captured his little whore, and then I take photos and send them to him. I leave her tied up, and struggling. Homewreckers! LOL.

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