Dual Webcam Show Reveals One Roomies True Colors

72 photos; 9:42 video

Sherry and I were roommates, and we were sharing the bills. I started making amazing money webcamming and as a good friend I decided to get Sherry into the game with me. I thought she had no idea what she was doing. I was going to show her the ropes...literally. I even book a dual show with my best paying customer. I arrive home earlier then expected, and lo and behold I find my roommate in a full fledged show... with none other but my high rolling customer! I am pissed off. I try and rationalize that maybe she is just starting the show early.. But then I see she is pretty good at her show. My customer seems very involved with this bitch, and she was taking all of his money... All of the money he should have been paying me! This was not going to happen. When Sherry is confronted she laughs it off. "It's all my money!" She tells me in a matter of fact tone. She played me acting as though she had no idea what a webcam model was. I came to find out it was all an act! This bitch just wanted to steal my customer who was giving me so much money.. and it looked like she succeeded. I was so pissed I grab the ropes she was rubbing on her big titty body, and decide to turn up on her... and not in a good way. Of course Sherry is startled, but I easily subdue her and get her into a very tight hogtie. Her wrists and ankles are tied first so I can make sure she didn't put up too much of a fight. I turn the sound off the webcam show so she can't scream for help! After all she brought this all on herself. She cries out in pain as I tightly cinch her elbows together and add a tight chest rope. She continues to struggle, and I realize what a good show we are putting on together. This is what should have went down all along, and our customer sure seems to be getting a kick out of this... To bad he doesn't know that this wasn't really part of the show we were putting on, but I click off Sherry's account and onto mine, and am more then happy to accept the ridiculously large tips he is putting into my account. This bitch is going to learn the hard way... and I am going to be laughing all the way to the bank. Silly bitches!

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